CBD Oil For Horses: Yeah or Neigh?

If you haven’t heard about CBD oil and its benefits by this time consider checking in to the Internet world, where you’ll find hundreds of different insights on its curative benefits and the high popularity is reaching. By the end of 2019, CBD oil is predicted to be the highest demanded product in alternative medicine. Now, it’s been clear how popular it is among two-legged humans. But did you know the market has been slowly reaching out to animals? Yes! Animals from cats, dogs, and even horses! According to current data gathered by APPA National Pet Survey, 68 percent of US households own a pet. Out of all households, 2 percent own a horse, which it is surprisingly a lot of horse owners!

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CBD Oil For Horses

Horses have long been used for different reasons. It is believed horseback riding dates back to 4500 BC! Petroglyphs have been found in caves that date back as far as 30000 BC, sometime around the Bronze Age. In Egypt, the earliest recorded horse riding was found in a tomb which dates back to around 1600 BC!

Our Love For Our Horses

Although we often acknowledge a man’s best friend to dogs, there are many other animals that have acquired a certain special place in the history of humanity. Each has composed a different piece in our day to day activities. Horses are no different. They’ve accompanied humanity’s pathways over mountains and continents.

They are complex pets, which are truthfully loved by owners all around the world. They are both intelligent and capable of developing strong emotions. And all while maintaining an undoubtful majesty. For this reason, horse owners will stop at nothing to care, ease and endure the health of their mane-ingful pet.

With the new accepting views on CBD, you might consider how important CBD oil for horses really is.

The Benefits of CBD Oil For Horses

CBD oil is made from the cannabidiol compound. For pets, it must be hemp-derived and always secure a high-quality product. This is to ensure effective results.

In the cannabis plant, there are different active compounds. Cannabidiol is one of them. Cannabidiol contains the healing properties that interact with receptors in our bodies (and in pets) which consequently deliver healing properties.

Companies such as Flawless CBD offer many quality products that can be used safely with your horses. Check out their site for more information.

It’s not THC

Now, it must not be confused with the THC compound. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is psychoactive (creates the infamous euphoric high). It is important to note that hemp-derived CBD will not get your pet horse high. Also, remember that CBD oil will not assure a cure to an existing disease. Instead, it’s a boost to the overall health of our pets. Think of it as an added supplement that supports health.

How Your Horse Will Benefit From CBD Oil

  • Helps with Inflammation and Muscle Pain

In athletic horses, more than 50 percent of a horses’ body weight is muscle. In non-athletic horses muscle accounts to at least 45 percent. When compared to other species which is around 30 to 40 percent, its no doubt that caring for horses’ muscular system is a must!

While performing or being active for long periods of time, horses might present muscular inflammation. This can consequently develop into arthritis and cardiac issues. With the religious use of CBD oil, you could prevent serious health issues. It will alleviate the uncomfortable feeling that muscle inflammations cause on our horses.

  • Reduced pain and arthritis

Due to their weight and size horses are prone to arthritis and other chronic pain issues. This is true especially of horses that compete in races. CBD can help reduce swelling on joints, which will reduce the tension in their legs. The way CBD works on pain is by blocking pain receptors in the brain. This way pain signals are diminished. Which results in the reduction of intense pain.

  • Stress Relief

Stress doesn’t only affect humans. Pets too can undergo triggering situations that affect their behavior and overall feeling. Horses are exposed to stressful environments when enclosed in trailers or small spaces. Also, when competing, horses might develop arena anxiety. This naturally affects their rider and overall performance. CBD oil is a great option to deal with these factors. It’s a good source of anxiety prevention and stress reducer.

  • Digestive System

Gastric ulcers are common diagnostics among horses. Unfortunately, 90 percent of horses will be diagnosed with an ulcer disease during their lifetime. Their appetite could be affected, accompanied by acute pain. CBD oil can be a helper in balancing this painful issue out.

Final Thoughts…

You might want to consider CBD oil for your horse if it has suffered, or is prone to suffer from any of these diseases or health issues. Think of it as a preventive supplement that can eventually reduce the possibility of worsening an already developing disease. For most animals, CBD is safe, with no proven side effects. The best way to determine if your horse can consume CBD is to consult your vet! There are many new-coming vets that are strong believers on alternative medicine. This can help in answering questions and determining the right dosage and products alike. It could be part of its everyday routine to eventually better their quality of life.

Using CBD oil can be very beneficial for your horses on your homestead.


  1. I’m very much pro-CBD but this is getting a little crazy isn’t it? CBD for horses? CBD is great but it’s not some miracle cure that every human and animal needs.

    1. Author

      I certainly agree that not every animal and human needs it and I feel like some even abuse it. However, if it improves an animals life in a way traditional medicine cannot is that so bad?

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