perfect homestead layout

When you are considering homesteading, finding the perfect homestead layout can be a challenge. From uncertainty over the amount of land you need or where to even start from, venturing into homesteading can appear daunting. However, that should not be the case. Even if you are in your city apartmentContinue Reading

Off-grid elements featured image

Modern homes are hopelessly connected to the societies around them in practically every way conceivable. Without the utilities of water, power, or gas, houses are little more than crude shelters, providing little but the most basic comforts to the people residing in them. There are off-grid elements you should consider. IfContinue Reading

pest problems featured image

No matter what they are, no one likes the idea of having pest problems take over their home. Wasps, ants, cockroaches, and a host of other creepy crawlies can easily find their way into your home, and they love the comfort and warmth of these places just as much asContinue Reading