Thanksgiving Quiz

It’s almost Thanksgiving! In order to have some fun this year on the blog, I decided to share a Thanksgiving Quiz! The fall season is all about Turkey dinner, family, and giving thanks. It is about gratitude and appreciation for all the things we have and love. It’s a timeContinue Reading

pre-workout smoothie featured image

Fitness is all about following a strict nutritional regime and performing intensive workouts. You are likely to gain muscle faster with a well-balanced diet rich in protein. Also, you might consider dietary supplements and herbs to curb the nutritional deficit now and then. Have you considered adding herbs to yourContinue Reading

new homestead featured image

Ever dreamt of owning a country style home laying over a few acres of land as your new homestead? Just picture those green fields with your beautiful flowers and animals. Or, imagine that beautiful kitchen where you can bake fresh goods—the aroma of bread spreading through your home and slowlyContinue Reading

sustainability featured image

In today’s world, our individual and collective practices of sustainability are beyond imperative in the effort to curb our planet’s current trajectory toward catastrophe. Many of us know that any climate-conscious lifestyle begins, and arguably has, the most impact in the home. Homesteaders, gardeners, farmers, from-scratchers, DIY-ers, and green warriorsContinue Reading