Getting a new dog as a pet for your home and family can be exciting, yet it does require a little organization, (particularly if it is your first dog). To help you get yourself prepared, try using these simple ideas to make the transition smoother for all. 1. Get YourContinue Reading

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As with any other kind of business, there are a number of things you need to consider if you are to run an equestrian business in the right way. As long as you are aware of some of the most important improvements you can make to such a business, youContinue Reading

Learn what fodder is and why it so beneficial for your chickens and your homesteading budget.

Do you grow fodder for your chickens? Is growing fodder something you would like to try on your homestead? Well, if so, this post is for you. In this post, you will learn exactly what fodder is and why it is beneficial for your homestead chickens. Fodder and It’s BenefitsContinue Reading

As pet parents, it’s the need of the hour to see using CBD oil for your dog as a novel solution for a host of problems that they face in their lifetime of service, loyalty, and companionship.

For some time now, everyone has observed the rise of CBD as a potential solution to many human conditions like anxiety, pain, epilepsy, diabetes, etc. And these claims are not just thin smoke. Instead, scientific research by renowned universities and science centers back them. As pet parents, it is theContinue Reading

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If you are a dog owner, you can’t plan your travel and pack your bags like a layperson. As a pet parent, you face a dilemma when it comes to traveling with your dog around the world- whether to take their pets along or keep them at home. There mayContinue Reading

Homesteading has so many beneficial aspects for you and your family. Owning pets on your homestead can actually benefit your overall health! Learn more here.

As a homesteader, chances are you’re an animal lover too, and if that’s the case, we’ve got some great news for you — the health benefits of pets on your homestead are numerous, and being around them can work wonders. Okay, but which pets are the best? Dogs Dogs areContinue Reading


Bats are very misunderstood creatures of the night. Most people want nothing to do with them and avoid them at all costs. Here at the homestead, we welcome them. We place bat houses on as many trees and structures as we can to encourage them to stay. Why We Love Bats:Continue Reading

Your dog's diet

In recent years it seems that we have all started to apply a little more importance to what we put into our bodies, now while we are addressing the issues we may have when it comes to filling our bodies with processed junk, are we paying the same attention whenContinue Reading