Things to Remember When Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is such easy work with the help of a vacuum. It is a versatile tool utilized to keep carpets neat and hygienic. However, this way of cleaning may not be enough to remove particularly stubborn dirt and debris from rugs and carpets, so you made need the help of professional cleaners for this job. 

One way to reduce dirt on the carpet is to implement a “no shoes” rule. Putting a doormat will also filter dirt as the guests enter the house.

These two tips won’t guarantee a clean carpet in the long run, especially when it is installed on high foot traffic spots. Regular vacuuming is still necessary to get rid of dirt on the carpet. 

So, here are some tips to make carpet cleaning more efficient with or without the help of experts: 

Woman cleaning carpets

1. Spot Carpet Cleaning 

Carpets absorb dirt every day, especially in commercial areas. Do not wait until the carpets look unappealing before deciding to wash them. Spot cleaning is crucial to reduce any kinds of dirt visible. It can be done even without using a special tool because some dirt is easy to clean. 

For instance, living with pets demands more time to spot clean the carpets. It is important to remove visible dirt immediately not to ruin the carpet. 

Another is when you are dealing with a stain that can damage the carpet material if it stays there a little longer. First of all, identify the type of carpet to think of remedies that could eliminate stains. Most stain removers can be found at home depending on the material the carpet was made of. Liquid spills may also result in a bad odor if absorbed by the carpet, hence it is vital to clean them right away. 

Spot cleaning carpet

2. Deep Carpet Cleaning 

While spot cleaning is done regularly, some households prefer deep cleaning at least twice a year. Professionals guarantee to deliver carpets that do not possess harmful pathogens. They have the knowledge and skills to perform carpet extracting any type of carpet and promise the best possible outcome. 

Deep carpet cleaning

How Deep Cleaning Works?

Call a carpet cleaning professional to schedule an appointment. They will be able to recommend the best treatment for your carpet, whether that is shampooing, steam cleaning, hot water extraction, or encapsulation cleaning. If you are wondering “What is encapsulation carpet cleaning?” you can take a look at this article by VacAway for further information. However, there is a high demand for carpet cleaners in the market so better to reserve a spot earlier.

Below are the basic steps to clean carpets better:

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate dirt and dust. This prepares the carpet for steam cleaning once the visible dirt is gone. 
  • Mix hot water and a cleaning solution in steam equipment. Do a patch test to ensure a good formula for carpet cleaning. 
  • Wear plastic boots to protect your feet and the carpet. Begin cleaning the carpet around the corner backward. Avoid walking over wet rugs so as not to destroy the material. 
  • Repeat until no signs of debris can be seen. 
  • Lastly, dry the area using fans or open the windows to speed up the process. 
Professional Carpet cleaner

Different Types of Carpets With Their Required Cleaning Techniques 

The above tips won’t deliver the best outcome if you are cleaning the wrong type of carpet. There are various methods to clean carpets depending on the materials they are made of, including:

1. Synthetic Carpet 

This type of carpet is easy to clean with basic vacuuming. But, in the case of powerful stains, deep cleaning is necessary. 

Most homeowners apply the blot technique to remove liquid spills from synthetic carpets. Get a clean towel and then let it absorb the spill by pressing it down the wet area. Use as many towels until there is no liquid spill on the carpet.

Deep cleaning works differently by using a saucer to eliminate stains and odor. Professional cleaners add up a cleaning solution to the device and then dries up the area naturally or with the use of a hairdryer. 

synthetic carpet

2. Wool Carpet 

Wool material requires a special type of vacuum not to be fuzzy. Be careful also in choosing a cleaning solution because wool carpets can be too sensitive to ammonia and high-alkaline formula. This cannot be subject to home cleaning but demands hiring a professional due to its high absorbency power. As a result, wool carpets are harder to dry, unlike the prior carpet type. 

While dealing with liquid spills is easy over wool carpets. The process is the same with synthetic carpets wherein you should mist the area with water, no added solutions are needed. 

Patterned wool carpet

3. Plant Fiber Carpet 

Plant-based carpets are the newest type of rug the market offers. However, it requires extra maintenance, like regular vacuuming to nurture its quality. One thing that could easily damage fiber material is liquid spills, therefore, should be blotted and dried out immediately. 

Deep cleaning is not highly advised for plant fiber carpets unless it is performed by professionals. They shall use dry methods to prevent the material from absorbing so much water during the cleaning process. 

Plant fiber carpet

Final Thoughts 

Hiring a carpet cleaner is crucial if you wish for a more hygienic result. It is alright to use home remedies, however, this does not guarantee to remove all the dirt and debris in one wash. Using special equipment, like a vacuum cleaner and steam device will deliver better results. Additionally, choose a cleaning solution that is not too harsh for the carpet material. Spot cleaning is likewise advised to deal with visible dirt and stains. 

Contact a reliable one, like Canningvale based carpet cleaners, to schedule your carpet cleaning needs. They will determine the type of carpet first to provide the right cleaning solution. 

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