The Dos and Don’ts of Carpet Care

A carpet is a spectacular element of the interior decoration of a room. It has more than just a decorative function. A carpet is able to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, save feet from hypothermia in winter, and create a beneficial accent in the interior of the room.

Fort Worth Carpet cleaning services can clean and deodorize your carpets professionally and eliminate the work on your part. You can be ensured that your home is clean and smells fresh when a professional handles the job.

Carpets have the ability to accumulate dirt and unpleasant odors. They become a food base and habitat for microscopic dust mites that feed on the dead scales of our skin. Excellent soft wool carpets with a long pile are especially attractive to small pests.

Toxic waste products of ticks cause allergic reactions, reduce immunity, and can even cause asthma. They are especially dangerous for children. Therefore, the question of how to carpet care is extremely important. Here is what you should know about the dos and don’ts of carpet care.

Cleaning a carpet

Dos Of Carpet Care:

Caring for a handmade carpet must be carried out correctly. Dirt, stains, improper care can significantly shorten the service life and destroy the beautiful appearance of products. Navigate here to get expert advice on carpet care.

Vacuum Regularly for the Best Carpet Care:

A handmade carpet should be vacuumed at least once a week. The dust in the pile of the carpet is abrasive. It will cause premature wear. The carpet should be cleaned on both sides, on the pile side once a week, on the base side once a month.

Vacuum Without a Nozzle Hard Brush:

It is advisable to vacuum the carpets yourself with a nozzle without a hard brush, otherwise, the original appearance of the carpet will gradually be lost. If water gets on the carpet, the liquid should be soaked with a hygroscopic cloth.

Use Steam Cleaners:

Steam cleaners can be used to remove stains and will not harm natural or synthetic surfaces. Penetrating into the pile, steam is able to remove even old dirt, as well as destroy dangerous microorganisms that can live inside the carpet.

Use Vinegar To Remove Stain:

To remove stains from alcohol, berries, and milk, ordinary 9% vinegar will help. It is enough to mix a teaspoon of vinegar with a liter of water and treat the stain with a spray bottle. Then you will only have to wipe with a dry cloth. You may want to ventilate the room from the smell of the vinegar. However, the smell will dissipate soon enough. If you are a smoker, vinegar is also part of how to get rid of bong water smell out of your carpet, should a spillage occur, so is definitely a useful thing to have in your home! 

Use Ammonia To Remove Stain:

Blood, tea, coffee, chocolate, and wine stains can be removed with ammonia. To prepare the product, a teaspoon of ammonia is mixed with a glass of water and sprayed onto the stain. After 10-15 minutes the treatment site is wiped with a sponge or dry cloth. Please note: ammonia cannot be used to clean wool carpets.

Cleaning a carpet stain

Don’ts Of Carpet Care:

Silk carpets have an unsurpassed ornament contrast, weaving subtlety, natural dyes. These require special care. Here is the don’ts of carpet care.

Do Not Clean Silk Carpets With Water Solutions:

Do not clean silk carpets with water solutions at home on your own or by companies, factory washing, or cleaning in the workshop of a cleaning company. Factory dry cleaning of hand-made carpets in organic dry liquids is recommended.

Do Not Wash:

Washing causes a breakdown of the dye, spoils the silk fiber, causes a violation of the geometry of woolen carpets, and kills the viscose. Refuse the services of home cleaning companies. Dry cleaning is recommended with the specialized equipment of the factory.

Do Not Use Household Chemicals for the Best Carpet Care:

Do not remove stains yourself with household chemicals. By doing so, it will discolor the dye, bleach silk, and/or break the pile.

Use Professional Dry Cleaner:

  • It is not recommended to clean a carpet with a long pile at home, because the result may be unsatisfactory. In addition, it will be difficult to dry the product. If you do this incorrectly, then the carpet will have an unpleasant odor, which can only be eliminated by a professional dry cleaner. To learn more, hop over to this site.

Driven Slowly Vacuum Cleaner:

When using a vacuum cleaner the brush should be driven slowly, carefully, and in different directions in order to raise all the villi.

Do Not Dry Clean With Household Products:

Do not dry clean with powder, foam, or any household products. Use a household vacuum cleaner with a smooth nozzle along with the pile, otherwise, it will be damaged, and therefore, cannot be restored to its original form.

Woman practicing carpet care

Final Thoughts on Carpet Care

Therefore, before you clean your silk rug at home, evaluate its cost and your chances of successful carpet care. And if you want to get cleanliness without spoiling an expensive product, contact the specialists!

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