How To Care For Your Artificial Lawn?

Today, all of us want the best-looking homes with zero compromise on quality. However, having the perfect aesthetic for our living spaces also comes with a long list of upkeep and maintenance.

Having a garden or lawn made of real grass needs its fair share of trimming and weeding, which is why many choose to install an artificial lawn.

Another reason would be using the lawn as a play turf or being allergic to grass. However, an artificial lawn is not immune to regular cleaning.

If you’re someone who has an artificial lawn at your home, this blog is for you. We’re going to mention seven things you can do to care for your artificial lawn. And to keep it in perfect condition.

Artificial lawn in a florida home

Brush the Artificial Grass Initially

Believe it or not, when the lawn is installed initially, you need to put in some work. To properly care for your artificial lawn you will need to brush it initially. This serves the purpose of removing any loose strands of fiber and evening out the lawn.

If you’re taking the help of a turf construction company, they will offer the initial upkeep but it is impertinent to keep up the brushing until the grass reaches the desired level of softness. Nobody likes to walk or sit on prickly grass!

Brush them in various directions to give them a natural texture so that they look real; use fabric softener to make the texture more supple.

Odor control

Walking barefoot on artificial grass, having pets, and holding events like barbecues can be one of the primary causes of odor. You’ll find the lawn beginning to stink over time if not cleaned regularly.

Apart from pet feces, grease, and sweat can cause bacterial activity on plastic, which is why you need to clean frequently. Use an antimicrobial cleaner, grease, and stain remover or a solution made using vinegar and water (1:1 ratio) to keep your lawn odorless.

Care for your artificial lawn include sweeping it.

Weed removal

Surprised that weed is growing over an artificial lawn? Don’t be! This could be due to the breakdown of organic material like leaves where weed pollen starts to sprout. As part of the care for your artificial lawn, make sure to remove such invasive growth from time to time.

Remove bacteria and mold

If you have pets that use the lawn or members who work out and sweat onto the artificial grass, bacterial activity is inevitable. However, this could be more insidious and cause mold growth.

Ensure that you use a designated cleaning solution to ensure the grass remains spick and span. Also, rake out organic materials like fallen leaves to ensure that they don’t decompose on the lawn.

Watering Your Artificial lawn

Even though you may think there is no reason to water your artificial lawn, it is actually beneficial to do so. Spraying the artificial lawn frequently, can help remove dust, pollen, and other debris that can cause your lawn to look drab and dull.

The amount of water you will use during this process is still less than if were to water a natural lawn. This means you are still saving on your water bill which is an added bonus.

Artificial lawn in front yard

Routine Cleanup

If the care of your artificial lawn becomes a tedious job in your busy schedule, hire the experts to get it done. Many of them are masters in scooping up pet waste and deep cleaning your lawn.

Wrapping Up

A little care and maintenance go a long way! If you ensure that your artificial lawn is looked after with the five tips above, it will sustain for a long time without needing any replacement or patch fixes!

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