Have a Calm Move: 4 Tips

Moving does not have to be overwhelming and stressful. You can have a calm move. You should be excited about having someplace new to live and looking forward to all the memories you will soon be creating with your loved ones in a different location.

Having a calm move will reduce the stresses of moving and make it easier on yourself and your family too. The following advice and tips will help ensure you get off to a good start and stay on a path that will help you find success and a sense of calm with moving. Stay focused on all the fun you will have once you are in your new home and can work on getting settled.

Creating a Calm Move


Start Planning Early & Make To-Do Lists

One piece of advice for a calm move is to start planning early on and make to-do lists. Begin mapping out what needs to get done as soon as you decide to move. The earlier you plan and prepare the less stressed out you will feel when moving day arrives. Write down exactly what you want to tackle so that you do not have to always be thinking about it in your head.

Get Organized

You also need to get organized if you want to have a calm move. It includes getting boxes and labeling all you own so you know where it should go in your new space. Also, take the time to get rid of stuff and declutter before you pack and move. The less you have to bring with you the better. Go through all your belongings and clothes and sort through what you no longer want. It will feel good to dispose of what you do not need and decluttering will make you feel even less stressed and worried about the move and where all your stuff will go.

Enlist Help from the Professionals

You can have a calm move that will be easier and less stressful when you enlist help from professionals based on your requirements. Whether it is hiring people to help you pack at your current home or piano movers to get your piano from one place to the other, do not be afraid to admit when you need assistance and then reach out and get it. It is unlikely you will want to be hulling heavy boxes and furniture around on moving day so book movers in advance and secure help so that you can work on other important to-dos.

 Having a calm move will reduce the stresses of moving and make it easier on yourself and your family too.

Work Ahead at Your New Home

It may also help you and take some stress off your shoulders if you work ahead at your new home. For instance, you can begin to transfer utilities, paint your walls, and clean your carpets before you move in. Think through where each box will go and where you want it so that it is easier to unpack as well. The more you can do ahead of time at your new place the easier and less stressed out you will be when it is time to move.

Put this advice on how to have a calm move into practice and then sit back and enjoy your new home with your family members. Be proud of yourself for proactively managing your stress in a healthy way and taking the time to set yourself up for success also. 

Have you moved recently into a new home and found some ways to have a calm move when doing so? Please share your tips and experiences in the comment box below so others may be able to do the same.

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