7 Signs You Need To Call Pest Control Right Away

Have you considered the potential damage that bugs might do to your home? It’s crucial to call pest control right away before the problem gets out of hand and costs you hundreds of dollars in repairs.  

But how do you know when to get in touch with a company? There are some more evident signs of a pest problem than others. Here are the top signs that it’s time to call in the exterminators. 

Customer meeting the pest control tech

1. Sight Of Droppings 

Pests, particularly mice, are masters at hiding. Although most people never come into direct contact with a mouse, they frequently encounter its droppings. It’s not uncommon to discover these tiny black pellets in cupboards and pantries. Have you swept the floor and cleaned up a few droppings from behind the stove and the fridge? That sort of thing happens. There’s no need to panic. Instead, you can contact Bug Tech and other local pest control services for help. 

2. Strange Smell 

You may have a pest problem if you notice strange smells coming from different parts of your home. Cockroaches, for instance, have a smell similar to oil, while mice have a stench similar to urine. Consider contacting a pest control professional if you’re unable to determine the cause of an unusual odor and get help removing them. In addition, they can suggest pest control plans, which means they’ll visit every three months to keep your space critter-free. These routine visits are like a shield against seasonal pests. By regularly treating the perimeter of your home, you can keep invaders at bay without playing phone tag with pest control pros. It’s an easy way to ensure your home stays fresh and pest-free year-round.


3. Small Holes 

The sight of small holes within the walls and floors of your home and holes surrounding the property is a sign that an infestation may be present. Burrows in rubbish areas or weedy areas close to the property is another alarming sign. Rats enjoy gnawing on many objects, and the presence of little gnaw marks can be a sign of pest infestation. Be on the lookout for electrical cables that have been chewed up and any other items that rats may have gnawed on. 

4. You Have Bug Bites 

There are a few potential overnight bloodsuckers when you wake up covered in bug bites. Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and bedbugs need a steady supply of blood to stay alive. Bed bug bites don’t usually cause any discomfort until many hours after the bite. Thanks to this trick, you might share your bed with one of these creatures for a while before you understand what it is that’s eating you. This delay in responding means that bed bugs are rarely discovered in the act. If you find yourself scratching uncontrollably during the day, consider inspecting your bed. 

Bed bug infestations are more common than you might expect and can quickly become unmanageable. Additionally, they can go without a blood meal for months, and their feeding patterns seem completely random. Therefore, they may ignore you for several months, lulling you into a sense of safety when there’s none. Meanwhile, their numbers continue to grow by the thousands.  

Tick bites hurt at first, but they don’t itch much, and you probably won’t know where they came from until you catch the insect biting. If you’ve been bitten despite avoiding the outdoors, it may be time to have a professional inspect your property for the insects in question. 

bug bites

5. Property Damage 

Keep in mind that rodents and other pests can find a comfortable home within the structure of your property. They pose a serious threat to your property structure and your equipment. It’s best to listen for crawling or rustling sounds when it’s quiet. Make it a point to listen while you wind down during the day. Warning signs like this one require immediate attention. When bugs do structural damage, it invites even more of them into your home. This means that the situation can rapidly escalate without a response. 

This is also a bad sign that an infestation has been going on for some time and that there is probably more harm than you can’t see.

6. Unusual Pet Behavior 

Dogs and cats, in particular, have excellent pest-detecting abilities. Both are likely to pay attention to smell and may thus spot pest nests, especially those containing rats. More activity and ‘hunting’ behavior from your pets may indicate a pest problem. 

Cat chasing mouse

7. When You’ve Tried Everything Yet Nothing Works 

The mousetraps and flypaper have been left out all over the place. You’ve made sure there are no holes in the walls or windows. You have put away food for both people and pets in sealed containers. You’ve tried every option, yet the pests persist and are likely reproducing. With this, calling pest control services is your only option to solve your pest problem.


Knowing when you might require to call pest control is vital since pest infestations can lead to costly property damage and health issues for your family. Warning signs like those described above should prompt you to contact a pest control service immediately. Don’t let pests cause further damage by waiting for the problem to worsen before responding.

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