5 Reasons To Call Off A Renovation

Renovating your home can be a wonderful, rejuvenating means of perfecting your property for a new era. You might fix old issues, restore old functionalities, and implement new designs and even spaces together. But sometimes you have to call off a renovation.

Put simply – renovating is a good idea if you have a smart plan and the budget to achieve it. But sometimes, plans are just that, plans and our sense of obligation don’t always mean now is the right time. So, if you’re looking for a few reasons to call it off, save your money, enjoy your home a little more, and try again with more confidence, that’s a perfectly fine strategy too.

So, in this post, we intend to play devil’s advocate and grant you a few reasons to off-ramp those plans you were considering. Perhaps later on you can come back stronger, more confident, and with more of an idea of the intended outcome.

For now, let’s consider some reasons to call off a renovation:

Minimal Returns On Investment

In general, renovations can increase the value of your home, but not all projects yield the same return on investment. Extensive remodeling projects, such as adding a new bathroom or expanding the kitchen, can be costly. They may not necessarily recoup the full investment when it comes time to sell, especially considering the rest of your household or the market prices at the moment.

It’s wise to calculate the potential return on investment for each renovation project and prioritize those that will add the most value to your home. If there’s not much to be said for that before you sell, it might be good to just proceed with a sale and call off a renovation.

New bathroom or Kitchen

Simple Upgrades Look Great

Sometimes, those simple and cost-effective upgrades can have a great impact on the appearance and functionality of your home without the need for a massive renovation. For instance, a fresh coat of paint from a professional residential or commercial painting service (that’s right even commercial buildings can benefit) will breathe new life into your building. You might just start with that, and see if a renovation feels necessary.

Living Arrangements & Convenience

The annoying thing about renovations is that they take time, money and require your home to be vacated, or at least parts of it for a little while. Depending on the scale of that project itself, you may need to relocate or live with dust sheets and construction zones within your home.

If the timing is inconvenient or the prospect of living through a renovation seems pretty tiring right now, it might be wise to postpone the project until a more convenient time arises.

Moreover, if you have infants or the elderly in your household, a renovation could potentially expose them to dust and other unwanted pollutants. Sometimes, knowing you have arrangements in place can help your peace of mind, even if you have to wait a little.

With this advice, you’ll be certain to renovate as and when it’s most appropriate, instead of feeling obliged to do so.

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