Need a Cabinet Painter? 7 Reasons to Get a Professional

Painting your cabinet is one of the best ways to refresh your home interior. And like most remodeling processes, giving your cabinets a makeover can increase your home value.

While most homeowners consider paint jobs something to DIY, the result may not always turn out as intended. Sure, painting your closet may look like a quick and easy task, but it’s also easy enough to get wrong.

This should be enough reason to hire a professional closet painter to get the job done right the first time. For this reason, we compiled seven benefits of hiring a professional cabinet painter to give your home’s interior a facelift.

Premium-Quality Services

As much as painting your closets may seem easy, getting a sleek and smoother finish is almost always impossible without some technical expertise. You cannot achieve this goal without proficiency and special skills.

Therefore, it is better to hire a professional for your cabinet repainting job and not take the risk.

Hiring a professional painter guarantees you satisfactory results without compromising on your finished product’s quality standards. Also, the paint job from a professional stays for longer periods. Therefore, hiring a professional painter will save you money down the line by avoiding other repainting jobs.

professional painter

Use the Right Equipment

A professional painter will get the job done quickly and properly with the right tools. Painting your closet yourself and following the correct procedures can become a daunting task. It becomes even harder if you don’t have the right equipment for the paint job.

Adequate preparation and the correct tools are vital for a lasting finish. Professional painters use specialty commercial products that you cannot find or purchase off the shelf of your Home Depot. Plus, they come with lots of experience to draw on that can help them identify any problems with your shelves and fix them.

A professional painter always carries specialty tools that will help finish the work quickly and bring out the perfect look for your closet. Most general closet paintings can take a long time to complete. And the jobs aren’t always top-notch. On the other hand, professional cabinet painting jobs take less time and finish the work quickly, allowing you to get back to full functionality and focus on other more important tasks.

Professional Color Matching

By hiring a professional painter, you avoid color mistakes that are (for the most part) even more difficult to rectify. Professional color matching service providers have experience and account for other factors when painting. These can range from anything like other color schemes of the room where the shelves are installed to lighting at different times of the day.

A professional strives to ensure your color scheme is on point and complements the rest of the room, guaranteeing the results you’re looking for.

There isn’t Room for Error

By now, we can all agree that painting a shelf isn’t as simple as it seems. Once you’ve added your first stroke of paint on the shelf, there is no going back. You have to follow through to the end because removing paint is a long and expensive process. You will have to sand the shelf, strip it, then refinish it again before starting painting (again!).

This isn’t to scare you from painting your shelf yourself. It is meant to remind you that you may not always know what you’re doing. Therefore, it is best to leave the painting job to the professionals. At the end of the day, you will have beautifully painted shelves to show off.

Don’t risk botching your shelves by attempting to repaint them yourself if you don’t have the experience for the job. Hiring a professional painter offers you peace of mind knowing your cabinets are in good hands.

painting shelves

Extensive Experience

Ultimately, all tasks boil down to experience. Sure, you may have successfully painted an empty room some years back. However, do you think you have the technical expertise to paint closets like a pro? The chances are that you don’t. If so, then there isn’t any point in trying the cabinet paint job.

Unlike other painting tasks, painting closets isn’t just about holding the brush and making a few strokes with it. The process requires technical knowledge and vast experience to get it done right the first time

Professional cabinet painters become better with time and more painting jobs. And with that experience, they are more likely to yield better satisfactory results than DIYing the process. As such, you always want a professional cabinet painter with great experience and extensive years in the field to guarantee your desired painting results.

Professionalism Comes with Guarantees

Another great reason for hiring a professional is the number of guarantees they come with. By hiring a professional painter, you’re guaranteed of having the work done within the set timelines and correctly the first time.

You will also get a warranty that protects your closet for a specified period following the painting job. A painting company that believes in its work will always give you some form of warranty. This is a promise that covers any costs in case of issues with the closet related to the painting job.

Knowing that the finished job will be of a high-quality standard is all the guarantee you need to hire a professional for the job.

Time and Convenience

Admittedly, everyone could use some extra time to handle other more important tasks. And repainting closets isn’t a quick process. If anything, it is very time-consuming and energy-draining. Between the preparation process, application, and final assembly, you’re looking at a considerable time spent on painting.

A painting company will bring a crew who can finish the painting project in a much shorter timeframe while maintaining high repainting standards. You won’t have to do any work and focus your time and energy on other productive tasks.

 While most homeowners consider paint jobs something to DIY, the result may not always turn out as intended. Hire a professional cabinet painter and see what amazing results you will find!

The Bottom Line

There are several reasons to hire a professional cabinet painter to repaint your cabinets. The excerpt above explains some of the benefits that accompany getting a pro to ensure you receive a higher quality paint job.

The experience and expertise of professional painters allow them to provide you better painting results for your closets. That’s all the reason you need.

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