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If you and your family are working hard to reduce your carbon footprint, moving to the countryside might be the right idea. You can start your life completely off the grid, generate your own energy, and take advantage of cleaner air. However, you will also have to consider the areaContinue Reading

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Moving is easier said than done. How can something that seems so simple be so darn difficult? All you have to do is find a new home, and move into it. The problem is that there are so many homes out there, in so many different places, with so many differentContinue Reading

Did you know that the average American moves 11.4 times in a lifetime? And, the majority of us are anything but average. Just check out my homestead and you’ll see what ‘higher than normal’ means! Jokes aside, plenty of people like nothing more than staying put and enjoying life. After all,Continue Reading

On average, American homeowners move every 5-7 years. There are, of course, that rare breed who’ve been in the same house for fifty years. And, sometimes, those of us doing the moving ask the same thing. Why? After all, moving is stressful. Even if you use a company like Atlanta HomeContinue Reading