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As of 2018-19, the total number of international students in the UK was 485,645. Despite the pandemic and global recession, we can expect these numbers to be greater in 2021. Most of them are studying in different universities in London. These students come from different regions and backgrounds and chooseContinue Reading

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Moving to a new house can be a lot of work. And it’s no surprise that most people who’ve done it have it listed as one of the most stressful experiences in their life. The process can be made even more stressful. Especially if you run into problems with sellingContinue Reading

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Like every other business, the real estate domain in the US has also witnessed an immense impact of the pandemic. Rental property owners have been hit hard because keeping current tenants and securing new ones is definitely a challenge today. Vacancies are rampant as people have lost jobs and payContinue Reading

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Seattle is the home of aerospace giant Boeing and a growing number of high-tech employers. That’s why it had the third-highest annualized growth rate among large U.S. cities in 2020. But what is it like to live here? Here’s an overview of what to expect when living in downtown Seattle.Continue Reading

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Are you considering purchasing your first business property in the medical sector? It’s a huge step, but taking your business to the next level is well worth it. If you’re looking for a personal office or a clinic to open, it’s a great place to start. Alternatively, maybe your currentContinue Reading