Buying a House? Don’t Forget to Check Out These 6 Safety Measures

Buying a House? Don’t Forget to Check Out These 6 Safety Measures

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Buying a new house is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. That said, you should do everything in your power to ensure that you’re happy and safe in what will soon be your new home.

For example, you should check to ensure that the home has adequate fire protection, including smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher. You should also check the locks on all doors and windows and any security systems that may be in place through a home inspection report.

To help keep yourself and your family safe, We’ve compiled a list of 6 safety precautions you need to check before buying a new home. Take a look. 

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Check for Adequate Fire Protection

Checking for fire protection means ensuring that there are working smoke detectors in all home areas and a fully charged and functional fire extinguisher. You should also check to see if the home has a sprinkler system.

If not, you should ask the seller to have one installed before you finalize the home’s purchase. Also, identify all the potential fire-causing elements in the home, such as an old water heater, overloaded power sockets, and frayed electrical cords.

If any of these are present, ensure they’re repaired or replaced before moving in.

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Check the Locks on All Doors and Windows

During your home inspection Houston, you’ll want to make sure that the locks on all doors and windows are in good working order. If they aren’t, it could indicate that there has been a break-in at some point. Or it means that the home was not properly secured after a previous tenant moved out.

Make sure that all doors and windows can be locked. If there is a problem with the lock, have it fixed before you move in. 

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Check for a Home Security System

If the house you’re buying has a security system, ensure that it is in good working order. Make sure that all the sensors are properly placed. If there is no security system, you should consider installing one or letting the seller know about it.

This will help to deter criminals and give you peace of mind knowing that your house is protected.

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Get a Home Inspection Report

A home inspection report will identify any potential safety hazards in the home, such as lead paint or asbestos.

Other benefits of a home inspection include:

  • It can help you identify structural issues: A home inspection can identify potential problems with the home’s foundation, framing, or roof.
  • It can help you negotiate with the seller: If the home inspection report identifies any issues, you can use this information to negotiate with the seller on the price of the home or ask them to make repairs before you move in.
  • It can give you peace of mind: Knowing that a professional has inspected the home and found no major problems can help you feel more confident about your purchase.

Consider getting a home inspection in Houston to ensure your family will be safe in your new home.

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Check for Electrical Hazards

Check your home’s electrical system before moving in. Look out for these electrical issues that may pose a safety issue:

  • A missing breaker or fuse can indicate that the electrical system has been tampered with and is not up to code.
  • Water-stained or damaged outlets: These outlets could pose a shock hazard.
  • Missing or damaged outlet covers: This is a safety issue, especially if you have young children.
a burned water heater

Check For Fire Hazard

Next, you’ll want to check for any potential fire hazards in the home. These can include:

  • Heating sources that are not up to code: This could include an old water heater or an outdated furnace.
  • Flammable materials near heat sources: If you see any flammable materials, such as paper or rags, near a heat source, this could be a fire hazard.
  • Overloaded power sockets: If you see any power sockets that have too many plugs plugged into them, this could be a fire hazard.
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Final Word

Remember, buying a house is a big investment. But, by taking the time to check for these safety measures, you can help ensure that your new house is a safe and happy one.

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