Important Tips For Buying A Grass Trimmer

It is not a luxury to buy efficient grass trimmers. These appliances can make mowing your lawn easier and more successful. Without an efficient trimmer, the edges of your home garden will remain uneven and ungroomed. A grass trimmer goes where usual mowers can’t, as it has a compact size and is lightweight.

If you want to add a pleasant and fine look to your landscape, you will need a powerful trimmer that can eat dead grass and weeds. A high-quality grass trimmer will take care of weeds on the edges and reach grass under your children’s trampolines.

Now that you are interested in giving your lawn a better look, it is time to buy a versatile grass trimmer. Here are some useful tips to help you buy a reliable grass trimmer for first-time buyers:

Grass Trimmer

Consider your yard’s space

Grass or string trimmers can be operated using electric cords, gas, or batteries. Depending on your yard’s space, you can pick one type over all others.

For instance, a corded grass trimmer can be a good fit for a small yard. Due to the limited space, you can move safely with the cord without the hazard of tangling the cord and tripping over.

A battery or gas-powered trimmer can be a better option for larger spaces. But you can play it safe with cordless battery trimmers by keeping an additional back-up battery to ensure that you will finish the whole space all together.

Look for a device with a comfortable handle

You should not underestimate the importance of the comfortable handle of your grass trimmer. You will be holding the device for quite some time. So, you wouldn’t want your hands to become uncomfortable or injured.

Grass trimmer with a comfortable handle

Do you want a quiet performance? 

One of the most important factors for making a decision on a grass trimmer is how much you will tolerate trimmer noise. Electric corded trimmers can emit some noise. For some sensitive sleepers, trimmer noises are absolutely disturbing. For others, it is barely audible.

So, if you have a noise sensitivity issue, a battery-powered trimmer may be more suitable for you. But generally, gasoline type grass trimmer will not be a good option for you if you have concerns about noise.

Determine your trimming needs

When it comes to gas trimmer shafts, they are either curved or straight. Both offer decent performance. But the major differences are in easy handling and area coverage.

The handling part can vary from one user to another. For instance, you might find a curved shaft a lot more convenient than a straight one, and vice versa. So, you can go to a nearby gardening hardware shop so you could feel both devices and determine the better handling for you.

As for area coverage, straight shafts can give improved coverage due to the tool’s length. But the curved shaft makes you move lighter and more efficiently and can reach around and under obstacles.

You can opt for a trimmer that offers length adjustment. This way, you can change the shaft’s level based on the user’s height if you are planning to share trimming duty with someone.

Grass trimmer with a curved handle

No compromising on safety 

Accidents can happen when you don’t expect them to. So, if you want to enjoy safe grass trimming sessions, you should look for a trimmer that comes with safety guards.

Your chosen grass trimmer must come with a shield. The shield will come between the trimmed debris and your face.

In fact, debris can be more than dead weed. It can be rocks that might hit you in the face. It is also recommended to use gloves while handling the grass trimmer.

Also, if you are not comfortable with the noise coming from gas trimmers, you can cover your ears using plugs to avoid any unwanted effects on your hearing.

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