How to Buy The Right Glass for Your Table Top

Do you know how to buy the right glass for your table top? Many people don’t.

All the glass panels look the same to the eyes, but each glass serves a definite purpose. Whether you want to refresh your dining tabletop or just want to update your side table tops, we have got you covered.

Read our 3 step guide to know how to shop for your next glass tabletop.

Take The Right Measurements (Rectangle, Round Oval)

Talking about tabletop, a square, rectangle, or circle shape automatically comes into mind. But in reality, there are so many shapes one can opt like ovals, round, semi-circle and irregular, depending upon your project.

If you want to choose the right table top then the first step is to take the right measurements. 

  1. Place the measuring tape in the center of the table and stretch it across the opposite side. Note this measurement as the diameter of a round tabletop
  2. For a rectangular tabletop, measure the length starting from each edge and write it down on paper.
  3. Measure all notches and cutouts sizes and write them down.
Glass Top Table

Choose Right Glass Thickness 

The second step is to choose the right thickness for the right purpose. There are generally 7 types of thicknesses that glass manufacturers offer. Each thickness serves a specific usage purpose. Let’s take a look at each thickness and its ideal usage.

1/8” (3mm)It is ideally install for a thin and lightweight table tops which are suitable for indoor usage

  1. 5/32” (4mm)

This thickness is suitable for table and furniture covers both for living rooms and kitchen table tops.

  1. 3/16” (5mm)

This thickness is ideally used for side tables, patio tables, inserts as protective table covers

  1. 1/4” (6mm)

It is mainly used for glass tabletops and glass protective table covers

  1. 3/8” (10mm)

It is widely used for heavy and unsupported tabletops where glass is the only material as a tabletop.

  1. 1/2” (12mm)

This thickness is ideal for heavy applications like unsupported tabletops where glass is the only table top.

  1. 3/4” (19mm)

It is a perfect thickness for strong and unsupported tabletops where glass is the only used material.

Choose The Right Glass Type

After choosing the right thickness, the final and most crucial step is to choose the right glass material. Generally, there are 5 types of glass materials that glass manufacturers offer.

  • Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is also known as safety glass because once broken, it shreds into bits of pieces causing no harm to anyone around. It is 4 times sturdier than any annealed glass

  • Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is made out of a process which converts clear glass into a translucent by sandblasting and acid-etching. It offers different patterns and styles to choose from.

  • Tinted Glass

Just like the name, it is a regular glass type but with a tint of color inside. Add a statement to your furniture by adding tinted glass table protectors.

  • Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is 5 times sturdier than any tempered or annealed glass. You can use it for heavy applications like big conference tables and table tops in general.

  • Colored Glass

A coloured glass is made out of mixing metal oxide to the glass material. Generally, the colors range for coloured glass includes bronze, blue, green, gray, and amber.

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