5 Amazing Business Ideas For Living By The Sea!

There’s no denying that living by the sea is something many people can only dream about doing. Coastal locations offer residents plenty of leisure opportunities, and, of course, they’re also an excellent way to boost tourism in the area.

If you’re thinking of starting a new business and aren’t planning on moving further inland any time soon, it could make sense to start a business that takes advantage of your physical location. Check out these five excellent business ideas for some inspiration:

Business Ideas


1. Underwater Video and Photography

If you have experience in photography and videography professionally, this could make for one of the best business ideas. You could put those skills to good use with an underwater video and photography business. Given your seaside location, you’ll have plenty of clients, from documentary makers to enthusiasts.

Aside from using the best industry-recommended cameras, you’ll need to ensure your devices can work in harsh conditions. Therefore, it makes sense to use devices encased in boxes with sapphire windows.

What are sapphire windows, you might ask yourself? Sapphire is a solid transparent material that is virtually scratch-resistant and can withstand extreme pressures and temperatures, making it perfect for protecting recording equipment underwater.

2. Beach Property Rentals

Do you prefer to stay on land instead of underwater for much of your time? If so, another of the great business ideas to consider is having a portfolio of beachside properties that you can rent out to people. Beach property rentals are very profitable during peak summer seasons.

What’s more, the income you earn from them should cover your expenses for the entire year. Of course, it’s entirely possible to rent out your properties throughout the year, as many people will be looking to save money by renting such houses at other times of the year.

beach rental house

3. Boat Trips

If you want to have a seasonal ocean-related business that perhaps complements an existing company that you run, one idea might be to set up a boating business. Both tourists and locals alike will always want to take seaside tours of the coast.

All you need is a reliable and seaworthy vessel and the correct permits and licenses for operating such a business. You could rent your boat out to tourists and even for private parties and functions.

4. Surf Store

Do many locals and tourists head to the beach in your town for the waves? If so, those people will often need accessories and other supplies for their surfing adventures. With that in mind, you could set up a store that sells surfboards and surfing-related accessories.

You may even wish to expand into other areas in the future, such as surfboard repairs and maintenance, and even provide surfing lessons to newbies. The business ideas are limitless!

Check out these really cool tips and tricks for business ideas for you to make a profit if you live by the sea.

5. Juice Bar

Lastly, do you grow lots of fruit and vegetables at your farm or home near the sea to sell to local retailers? If so, one way to extend your income is by opening up a juice bar at a beachside retail unit. It’s a good idea to choose a location next to the beach that offers plenty of outdoor seating capacity. Make sure you invest in good quality outdoor furniture and parasols so customers can sit down in the shade.

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