What Are Building Control Drawings?

Before breaking ground for a new construction project, you must apply for planning permission and get building regulations approval. Building control drawings are an essential component of the construction process. The drawings help the structural engineers, architects, and building inspector ensure that the project complies with safety and building standards.

Building control drawings have all the detailed information about the design and calculations of the upcoming structure. Without detailed building regulations drawings, your application for a building regulations approval certificate will be rejected.

Do You Need Building Control Drawings?

You must get planning permission and building regulations approval for most construction projects. However, you do not need building regulations approval for some projects. Projects involving repairs and replacement are covered under the permitted development clause.

We recommend consulting an expert from HumphreysandSons when working on extension or conversion projects. The expert will advise you whether you need to apply for planning permission and building regulations approval.

Building Regulations Approval Process

The process can be lengthy depending on the size of the project. As mentioned, you must apply for planning permission before breaking ground for your new project. Understand that the planning permission and building regulations approval are two different documents.

After a successful building regulations approval process, you will be awarded a certificate from the relevant local authority. The first stage involves getting your building regulations plans and specifications documents including the structural engineering design and calculations.

Building Permit

Next, an inspector from the local authority will do soil tests on the proposed construction site. You will also need a permit to connect or build over public infrastructure such as sewer pipes and wastewater treatment systems.

Other stages during the process include getting health and safety regulations advice regarding your project. Also required is insurance to cover you (the project owner) and the contractor. Once the project begins, a building inspector will visit the site to check if the project is going according to plan and meets all the safety and building standards.

Why Are Building Control Drawings Important?

The building regulations approval process relies heavily on the supporting documents submitted to the local authority. The drawings have everything from architectural plans and structural drawings to accessibility and compliance details, which serve a crucial purpose.

The building control drawings ensure that the structure meets all the local building codes and regulations. These codes and regulations promote safety for the construction workers, future tenants and users of the building, and immediate neighbors.

Engineering Plans

Architects, engineers, and other relevant stakeholders can communicate well when they have building control drawings. This way, there is a lower chance of errors happening during construction.

The drawing specifications and other support documents also play a significant role during project planning. Project managers, architects, engineers, and contractors can understand the scope of work, timelines, and materials required.

Bottom Line

Building control drawings are a crucial document when applying for building regulations approval. The drawings and supporting documents will ensure that the project is safe, compliant, and executed according to plan. We recommend hiring a building regulations expert to help you during the application process.

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