5 Ways to Bring Nature Inside Your Home

A great look for home decor is using nature inside your home. Using earthy tones, lots of light, and high-quality natural materials, it is possible to bring the outside inside and make your living space a part of the environment. This is perfect for rooms adjoined to gardens.

You can use color and texture to make your garden flow inside and bring nature with it. Here are five simple ways to give your home decor a natural look and bring nature inside your home.

Plants in kitchen and dining room to bring nature feel indoors

Start Small with Accessories

Switch to natural materials and tones for your living space accessories. This is a quick and low-cost way to bring nature inside your home. Use natural, all-cotton cushion covers in earthy or green tones, accenting light-colored couches and chairs. Replace picture frames with natural finished wooded alternatives. Frame your family in nature on a picture wall.

Use Wood as a Base Material

For flooring, stairs, tables, and countertops you cannot beat the quality and natural finish of wood. Oak and pine timber boards are perfect for flooring and stairs. Laminates are a low-cost choice if you are upscaling on a budget.

Choose colors and finishes that work with your existing decor. Darker woods may be more suitable in a living room or dining room if you have deeper, decadent color schemes already in place.

Natural wood flooring and ceiling

Make Space for Natural Light

One of nature’s most important elements is light. You should take every step you can to maximize the effect natural light has on your rooms. Make sure that light can shine into the room freely through windows.

Minimize the impact curtains or blinds have. Get them tucked away or rolled up to let as much sun into the space as possible. For lighting in the evening, consider changing the hue of your lightbulbs to an artificial daylight tone, or sunset-colored amber bulbs that have a vintage look.

Paint from Nature’s Palette

When it comes to painting walls, fixtures, and frames you should choose colors that you would find in the garden, fields, or the forest. Greens, yellows, sand, and earthen tones all work well for natural decor.

Light colors are best on walls. Think sand and stone shades. This will help bounce light around the room and add to the natural atmosphere. Use deeper greens, browns, or red terracotta for accenting the lighter-colored walls on door frames and skirtings.

Neutral colored paint on walls inspired by sand

Create Art Through Nature

Put your stamp on your spaces by creating your own art using natural materials and items you discover on hikes and country walks. Beach-found driftwood can be used to make a beautiful frame for art made from interesting finds that wash up on the shore, or a collection of colorful shells.

Print a picture you take of one of your adventures and put it in a frame with some of the flora and fauna you found there. Pictures from a wooded trail can be accompanied by bark shavings and conkers from spots along the walk.

Combine these ideas to give your living spaces a natural makeover. This decor is more than just an attractive style; it creates a peaceful atmosphere. Help your living spaces nurture you and your family and bring nature inside your home.

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