Brilliant Homestead Features Buyers Can’t Resist

If you are thinking about selling your home soon or just want to renovate and redesign your property, it is worth keeping in mind some of the most popular homestead features that buyers love to see when viewing a property. These features, both inside and outside the house, can add extra value to your property for certain buyers. And it may make them add a few zeroes onto their offers.


Investing in the right features can allow your property to grow in value over time until it becomes a sizeable investment for you. So, what homestead features are we talking about? Well, there are a few that you will definitely want to consider when you’re planning out your property redesign budget.



Brilliant Homestead Features Buyers Can’t Resist



Breakfast Bar Or Island For The Kitchen


Buyers love these built into the overall design of the kitchen, and it’s not hard to understand why. A breakfast bar or island provides the perfect space where people can sit and enjoy a meal with the family in the morning or the evening. It also looks rather stylish and fits beautifully into a contemporary aesthetic. The high stools and flawless countertop make your kitchen look less like a room in a home and more like a fantastic luxury eatery. You can, of course, add to this effect by choosing the right material for a feature like this. If you want to make this the centerpiece of your kitchen, you should think about using something like marble or granite. There are plenty of possibilities to choose at or a similar site, and some really do look absolutely incredible under the right lighting.


If you don’t have a breakfast bar or island, it can be quite an expensive change, but it is well worth it. It can even be integrated with some great features like an induction hob.

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Laminate Flooring


This isn’t the most expensive change in the world. In fact, compared to other flooring options, it could be considered to be quiet cheap. Why then, is it so popular? Well, there are a few reasons that laminate flooring goes down a treat with potential buyers.


First, they look great and actually seem far more expensive than they are. Second, they are easy to maintain. Carpet gets stained easily, but laminate floors can simply be quickly cleaned. You can imagine why this is a popular option for young couples buying a home with their thoughts set on starting a family one day.


Laminate flooring is also easy to lay down even for a DIY enthusiast. It is an all-around budget friendly possibility. It’s often at the top of the list for home renovators who are aiming to make their property look modern and bring it into the new century.


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Open Plan Living


There was a time when everyone was searching for homes with separate rooms. A buyer used to want a home with a separate dining area, living room, family room etc. While some still do, this is now seen as a fairly old-fashioned layout for a home. Instead, buyers are interested in purchasing something that has all these areas in one big open space. So, the kitchen might be behind the back of the living area which is large enough for a grand dining table. Everything should fit in comfortably without it looking cramped or cluttered.


If you don’t have a home design like this, you can think about changing that. But to do this, you will need expert help. You don’t want to knock through and discover that you’ve torn apart a load-bearing wall. This will lead to disaster. Speak to an expert and find out what needs to be done to remove walls. Get an open plan safely. Usually, wooden beams or pillars can be added, and the final result can look magnificent.


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Modern Minimalist Dining Room Open Plan Sea View



Storage And Extra Space


Another one of the many homestead features that buyers are constantly in the market for is extra storage space. Again, it’s all part of the modern home designs. If you look in show homes or home decor magazines, you’ll find that the image of a modern home is something that is open, completely free of clutter and doesn’t have any issues with the mess. To accomplish that you need to have a great level of storage space as well as an area for accessories or appliances that clog up rooms.


We can look at the kitchen as an example here. Old fashioned kitchens tend to include the washer, the dryer as well as items and accessories that are in no way related to food preparation. A modern home has a separate utility room for this. If you don’t have a utility room in your home, you might want to think about adding one through a room redesign. An expert can help you do this and ensure that your house has one of the most sought-after areas for new buyers. With a closed off utility room you can keep the kitchen open and uncluttered. Learn more about the advantages of a utility room on


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Connecting The Outdoor To Indoor Living


Another fantastic feature is an entertainment area in the garden. This should be connected to your home through French or sliding doors that open right up onto a beautiful space for sitting, drinking or just enjoying the sun. This can be quite an expensive addition to your home, but it will be well worth it. You can speak to a construction team to add the new doors. Ask a landscaper to build up the outdoor seating area.


One thing to start to think about is an outdoor kitchen area. You can learn about building an outdoor kitchen area on  This idea has become very popular lately with people looking for homes that provide an area where they can prepare food as well as dine. That includes outdoor ovens and of course barbecues.


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As you can see then, there are a number of awesome, exciting homestead features that you can consider adding to your home. Especially if you want to make it a great hit with buyers. If you do, you just might find that you enjoy your home a little more as well long before you sell.


Use these homestead features to make a property that buyers simple can't resist.



Are their other homestead features you can think of to attract buyers that are not mentioned here? Please tell me about them in the comment box below.


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