4 Tips To Make A Brighter Home

Almost everyone loves a brighter home! If there is one thing that people notice when they first walk into the room, it is the light! This can go for purchasing a property or even just admiring a lovely building.

For those who are in the home more often than others, how bright the space is, can affect mood, productivity, and of course, the overall look and feel of a room. For those who wish to have a brighter home, here are four top tips to get that light bouncing off the walls. 

Feeling like your house is dark and dinghy? Use these simple tips to make a brighter home right now!

Tips for a Brighter Home

Use the Color White for a Brighter Home

White is the perfect go-to color when it comes to brightening up a room, a piece of furniture, space, almost anything! This is because white reflects light extremely well.

Painting the walls in a stark or soft white will help brighten up the appearance of the room. Other things to consider would be white furniture too, such as white shelves, white bookcases, white sofas, and chairs. Generally, the rule is, ‘the whiter these items, the better!’

 “Consider replacing a wall with stunning sliding windows for the ultimate daylight bath.”

Keep Windows Clear for a Brighter Space

One of the most important things to consider would be the position of the windows and anything that could be in front of them. Be sure to remove any tall objects or obstacles that loom in front of your light source! This can include tall cabinets or even long heavy curtains.

 Having a lighter material and color for curtains can also maximize light source coming from the windows.

bright window

If there is a serious quest to flood the room with beautiful, natural daylight, a big re-vamp might just be the ticket. Find the perfect sliding glass wall supplier in Northern California for more information on how glass walls can completely transform your home. Sliding glass doors are the epitome of object free windows!

Using Mirrors to Make a Room Appear Brighter

One of the oldest tricks in the book, using mirrors, is a simple trick to make a room appear brighter and full of light. But how does this work?

Placing a mirror next to a window enables a mirror to reflect the window light back out, thus creating the illusion of another window. The mirror itself casts the reflection of the natural light back into the room, which essentially doubles the light source.

Big mirror

This will work with any light source, so if bulbs are all that is available, simply position a mirror to reflect man-made light sources too.

Choose the Right Light Source for a Brighter Space

Most bulbs offer a slight yellow tinge when omitting light, which can also be altered by how dim or dark a lampshade is. Make the most out of man-made light sources by opting to switch to a bright white cool-toned bulb, instead of the duller bulbs with warmer tones.

The positioning of these bulbs will also determine how much light is emitted into the room. For a brighter room, position the light sources as high as possible, so they can cover as much area of a room as possible!

Feeling like your house is dark and dinghy? Use these simple tips to make a brighter home right now!

Final Thoughts on Creating a Brighter Home

If you are trying to make a brighter home consider the tips above. Use some mirrors to reflect the light. Stick with white paint for a brighter and bigger space. Keep your windows from having a blocked view and consider using a red source light.

Have you recently made some of these changes in your home?Tell me in the comments your tips and tricks to making a brighter home.

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