How to Brighten Up Your Home

Living in a dark space may not be the most ideal thing for your mental health. Studies have been conducted, which suggests that dark living spaces can be a causing factor in illnesses like depression. Never fear, though. Even if your space lacks windows, there are many other ways in which you can brighten up your home, and therefore improve your mental health.


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How to Brighten Up Your Home



Furniture layout


Take a look at the way your furniture is arranged. Is there a better way? Work out how a rearrangement could allow natural light to flow more freely. Is there anything blocking the window, for example? Think about having large items such as wardrobes and cabinet as far away from the window as possible. And always use light and airy type curtains that let the most light in.


Adding light-colored pillows to dark furniture can brighten up your home.


It is important when you are trying to brighten up your home to make sure the furniture is not dark and drab. Try some pastel pillows on a dark-colored chair for example. Or try a lighter colored throw on the back of the couch. Even light-colored rugs can help.

There is nothing worse than a drab and dark home. Use these tips to brighten up your home and make it a welcome place again.


Re-paint those tired walls 


It may be an idea to re-paint those dusty old walls. Go for a nice bright color, possibly a white or yellow. Or for the zanier of you, pinks. You could mix the colors up and have two walls one color, the other two another.


Adding color to the walls helps brighten your home.


The idea is to create a light color which will bounce the light and maximize it, rather than absorbing it, like a darker color. In addition, if you have an overlooked garden or patio space, you want to lighten up, think about painting out there too. A lick of paint can make a vast world of difference, reverberating the limited light you do have. Painted pots are a great way to brighten up your home and patio.





It may be an idea to get yourself some new lighter colored furniture, or possibly add a chair and table made of glass or see-through plastic. Instead of creating shadows, the furniture allows light to pass through. Alternatively, if you do not want any new furniture, think about painting up old wardrobes to give them a new lease on life. 



white table and chairs


Using pastel-colored paint and/or whitewash can brighten up your home instantly. It will also portray a “farmhouse” or “country” feeling if that is what you are looking for.





This is an obvious one. Do you have any lights that are no longer working?  Think about replacing your old lampshades too? Also, does your porch light work properly, are you always struggling with the keys on your way in?


Light hanging over couch for brighter space.


Or what about your garden lights?  It may be a good idea to add light to your garden space too. Think about adding new lights like led wall pack lights to your porch, driveway, and garden, which will instantly brighten up the home on your way back.   



Add mirrors


A few strategically placed mirrors can spread light through even the dingiest of places. They can be placed anywhere, and you may be able to angle them to spread the light about. They also give the impression of more space. For dark places, these are an absolute must.


Using mirrors to reflect light


Again, don’t forget about the garden. You can purchase some awesome outdoor wall mirrors to have the same effect of giving more space. Just because you have a small patio space in the city, does not mean you can’t make the most of it. You can get creative and experiment with mirrors and work out how to maximize your exterior space.


Now you have a few great suggestions to brighten up your home easily and without spending a lot of money. What other ways can you think of to add brightness to your home? Share them in the comments below!






  1. If you really want to get the bright look, you can renovate your home into a minimalistic design. I suggest the Scandinavian style. It looks attractive and tidy. Thanks for the tips, by the way!

    1. Author

      You are very welcome! Thanks for the suggestions and stopping by.

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