5 Ways to Breathe Life In Your Garden

Your garden can either be your pride and joy, full of life and beauty, or it can end up being a constant battle to keep neat and tidy. With a little care and attention, you can turn your garden into a place where you can relax and enjoy your free time in some sunshine. Here are a few ways you can breathe life into your garden.


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5 Ways to Breathe Life in Your Garden



Do That Maintenance


The quickest way to breathe life into your garden and get it into shape and looking good is to just do the maintenance you’ve been putting off. A good example of this is to stain your fence again to freshen it up. Having a fresh and newly stained fence makes your garden look a bit better overall.


Get your lawn mowed, and throw some filler grass seeds down if it’s a bit bare, turn your soil over, and neaten your flowerbed edges. Do all those small jobs around the garden, or if you’re short on time, contact professional Gardening services in Brisbane Australia who would be able to do it for you.


painting the fence


Add Lots of Color


Another quick way to breathe life into your garden is to add lots of colors. Head down to your local nursery and get some plants full of colorful flowers that can grow and shine in your garden. Lots of vibrant colors will stand out really well and add some real life. Particularly against that newly stained fence, colorful flowers make an enormous impact. Marigolds stand out and repel pests!


Color can be obtained through a few ceramic statues too, like the classic garden gnome. Adding a bird feeder might attract some colorful new friends to your garden too.


garden gnome


Water Fixtures and Other Centerpieces


One way of creating a nice atmosphere in your garden is to center your landscaping around a prominent centerpiece. Usually, this would take the form of a water feature like a pond or fountain, but there are many other things you could include to do the same job. A nicely landscaped multi-level flower arrangement or manicured bush or hedge can also stand out really nicely.


A water feature willl breathe life in your garden.


Add Lighting to Breathe Life In Your Garden


Dramatic and well-positioned lighting might not do much for your garden in the sunshine, but once the sun sets, lighting can transform your garden and make it stand out from being just another suburban garden. Line your pathways or light up your features with solar lights or install lighting in your flowerbeds along the perimeter fence to outline your garden.


landscape light

Install an Outdoor Fire Pit


Along with some comfortable outdoor seating, a fire pit makes the perfect place to unwind on a cool summer’s evening. They come in many shapes and sizes and can even serve as the centerpiece of your garden. Build it up onto a stone circle or have it at ground level surrounded by a rock feature to bring it to life.


While it’s not the cheapest area of your house to quickly improve, it can make an instant impact and increase the value and appeal of your entire home. If you’re clever and think out your garden improvements before you do them, you’ll make a big impact with little effort.


A fire pit can breathe life in your garden.


Final Thoughts on How to Breathe Life in Your Garden…


In order to breathe life in your garden easily, follow the preceding tips. What have you done to bring more life in your gardens on your homestead?

Breath some new life in your garden following the tips in this post and turn your garden into the garden of your dreams.




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