5 Ways to Brag About Your Dog

Are you ready to brag about your dog?

Our dogs light up our lives, literally! There is nothing more comforting than coming home after a long day to their unconditional love. We show them how much we care with couch cuddles, long walks, belly rubs, and telling them all about our day in our silly pet voices.

They know we love and cherish them – the world deserves to know it too! Show off your love with a dog hoodie and use it as  a conversation starter. Then you can talk about your little angel wherever you go. 

5 Ways To Show Off Your Dog

Bulldog with a ball

Style With Purpose

Not only are these tie dye hoodies comfortable, funky, and functional, they give back too. What better way to brag about what a proud pet parent you are than to support a company that gives back to other lovable dogs in need.

For every purchase on Pawz they donate 10% to support the Best Friends Animal Society.  This amazing charity helps animals find loving fur-ever homes. Plus, they are committed to their goal of making all shelters and communities kill free by 2025.

By showing off your Pawz swag you go beyond bragging about just your amazing pooch. You brag about how much you care about all animals in need. 

Dog with a hoodie

Show Off

While you show off your fresh new hoodie why not show off your dog’s amazing skills. While you sit around the yard hanging with friends, bring out the treats and let your canine friend strut his/her stuff. 

Our dogs love to make us proud. And there is no better way to show how good they are than showcasing their ability to sit, stay, roll over, or play dead.

Entertain your friends with your dog’s cuteness. It won’t even seem like bragging because everyone will be too busy enjoying the show. Plus, you get the added bonus of getting a little training and mind stimulation for your pup.

We all know our fur babies love treats, almost as much as they love attention. 

Dog doing tricks

Paint Your Pet

I am always looking for a fun night in. Why not follow a youtube tutorial and try out your artistic skills?

Use a photo of your pet and give painting that sweet, squishable, face a whirl. There is no better way to brag than to paint your darling dog like one of your french girls.

Plus it can turn an otherwise boring Friday night into an evening of laughter as you and your friends try to convey your pup’s cuteness onto the canvas. 

Painted dog picture


Not super artistically skilled? No worries. Why not have a photo shoot with your pet. We all do it anyway. Anytime they make a cute face, or zoom around the park, or give you those sweet loving eyes.

Any of us who have a dog know that our phone’s camera roll is so full of photos solely of our doggie. Plan a day at the park with your pup, your friends, and your pups friends and make a day of it. Then you can all brag to each other about how cute your fur babies look in their bandanas while you snap away.

Believe me, dogs are always ready for a close up. Especially if there is a kong ball with peanut butter involved as a reward. Bonus: now you have some fancy new pictures to post on your Insta.

Believe me, a puppy photo will get a lot of likes. Social media is our favorite way to brag anyway, why not use it to brag about our lovable furballs. 

Dog in hammock with pic on phone

Shopping Buddies

We’ve all seen the commercials: where the adorable dog runs around the pet store and picks out a new toy. Why not recreate this with your canine companion? They are so sweet to us everyday and they take care of us and show us that we deserve to be loved.

Don’t they deserve a day out on the town and a little retail therapy? Let them strut their stuff and brag to all the other shoppers about how good they’ve been all week. Introduce them around to the other shoppers and staff.

Feel how great it feels to show off how social and fun your baby can be. Let your bundle of love pick out a fun new rope toy, or one of those squeaky little things, or a new ball. The joy on your pup’s face will say it all. 

Shopping with a dog

Bragging about or dog’s really isn’t that hard. They are the backgrounds on our phones and what gets us moving everyday. 

Dogs are our alarm clocks, cuddle buddies, and seriously very best friends. They deserve to be put on a pedestal for how they help us see everyday as shiny and new. So get out there and show off your pup!

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