4 Ways To Bond With Your Teenager

You might see your teenager as the toddler that used to cling to you everywhere you went. You’ve probably learned by now that things have changed. Instead of clinging onto you, your teen may barely want to speak to you.

It’s important to grab opportunities where you can. It’s a pivotal time in your teens life, where he’ll learn all about who he is and where he wants to go in life.

You don’t want to miss out on these years but you’re finding it difficult to bond. Here are some things you can do to keep your relationship alive and well.

Teenager and her parent


Your teenager may not want to talk to you very often . You’d better make sure you drop everything when he does. It’s a good way to show your teen that he is your biggest priority. No matter how many responsibilities you have. Some parents will make the mistake of trying to offer advice. But most teens don’t want advice unless they specifically ask for it.

All you need to do is sit, listen, and empathise. Whether it’s five minutes at the dinner table or a drive home in the car, make sure he knows you’re listening to every syllable.

Game Together

It’s time to get interested in what he’s interested in. Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as a gamer but now is a great time to learn. Let him get excited about showing you what entertains him. 

Even if you’re sitting in silence together, it still counts as bonding with your teenager. Invest in the best WiFi extender you can find so no game is interrupted. Then, lap up the time he gives you. It’s a great way to enter into his world for a short period of time without having to force anything.

Teenager and parent playing a video game

Hug Everyday

Perhaps your teenager is the least likely person to want a hug from you. But that’s part of the reason why physical contact is so important.

Most teenagers don’t like to be hugged so parents don’t encourage it. By the time their kids are out of their teens, they’ve forgotten how to hug each other. Don’t ever forget how to hug your child.

If a hug isn’t acceptable to your teen, think of other ways you can stay in contact. Maybe your sports crazy teen likes a foot rub after a game. Or maybe your teenage girl still likes to have her hair brushed before she goes to bed. Stay tactile through these years to see the benefits afterwards.

Celebrate Every Win

Remember how excited you got when your little one came home from school with an award? Don’t stop the excitement when your child becomes a teenager. Celebrate every win together and be encouraging after every loss.

Always be your teens number one fan; even on the days when your relationship is really tested. 

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