Getting Off on the Right Paw: 7 Methods to Bond With Your Dog

Whether you have just got a dog or you have been with your canine companion for years, there’s always special things you can do to improve the relationship between the two of you. We all know the benefits of having a dog in our lives. Not least when it comes to the unwavering love they give you. But there’s always things we can do to improve the bond with your dog. Here’s a few things that you can do to ensure you build upon that bond.



Even if you’ve had your dog for a number of years, teaching them new tricks will help them in so many different ways. Consider investing in dog training to help build better manners and improve their behavior. It doesn’t just benefit them, but it strengthens your connection.

As time goes on, helping your dog to master new commands and rewarding them accordingly will build their confidence. It’s never too late to learn new tricks. If they don’t know the basic commands, you can always start there. But there’s a lot to be said for improving their overall agility, both physically and mentally, as they age.

Person training a dog

Exercising Together

You should make it a habit to walk them at least twice a day. However, having more exercise together can help you both grow closer.

Going for a run or a walk is a fun routine to ensure that you both get adequate levels of exercise. It also allows you to explore new areas in your neighborhood, including sights and smells. And all while being by each other’s side.

You should always choose an activity based on your dog’s breed and endurance levels. Some breeds can handle endurance activities better and have more energy. Going for a run with these breeds will be a welcome challenge for you as well.

However, if your dog is older or out of shape, make sure to build up slowly but surely. Start with a nice stroll and gauging their energy levels after each walk.

Man running with a dog

Teaching Them Tricks

Of course, training obedience will work wonders for your relationship. However, if you want to go even further, you can start by training basic behaviors. Then, progress to more complex ones. And who doesn’t like teaching dogs tricks?

If there’s something you’ve always thought your dog should be able to do, now is the perfect opportunity to start practicing in the backyard. As they master more tricks, be sure to lavish praise and treats upon them.

Brushing and Grooming

GGrooming is not just an amazing way to maintain your dog’s coat, but it will also help you both grow closer together. If your dog is new to the household, you need to be aware that they may not be fully engaged with this at first. You might want to try professional grooming services initiallyBut this is also why you need to start gently encouraging and giving them more affection. Then, over time, you can both grow together and enjoy the experience.

Person brushing a dog

Lots of Quality Time Together

There are plenty of ways you can spend more quality time with your dog. The great thing is that there’s no wrong way to do it. You can actively participate in physical activities like fetch or even a tug of war. You’ll notice that the dog will feed off your enthusiasm and excitement.

Active play is far more stimulating than standard exercise routines. Over time, you will start to figure out the activities they engage with more, and you can build upon this. Of course, spending quality time together is not just about the physical things. It’s also about cozying up at the end of a long day.

Physical contact with your pet is incredibly important. And it’s vital to meet them on their turf as well as yours. If they like to curl up on the floor, get down there and join them for some quality cuddling time. It will reinforce that bond more than you realize.

Owning a dog is, in many ways, easy because they will love you unconditionally. However, this is why you’ve got to remember the importance of spending quality time with them doing the things they love. That will only make them love you more.

Family spending time with a dog

Don’t Forget Routines

Dogs demand consistency. When you create a routine together, they will know what to expect from you. This means that they will start to trust you even more. This is critical when you are navigating those first few months with a dog.

Consistency is critical in your schedules. However, you also need to stick to consistent communication. Stick to words they already know, and this will navigate any misunderstandings.

Owning a dog is, in many ways, simple, and this is why you need to not overcomplicate things. At the very outset, make sure you have a handful of commands and keep reiterating them.

Man training a dog

Hand Feeding Your Dog On Occasion

You’ve got to incorporate meal times on a consistent schedule. However, you also need to build that special bond with your dog through carefully placed treats. Hand-feeding your dog only a few times a week will work wonders in boosting that special bond.

On the topic of using your hands, you should also pet them with purpose. Look at the things that they really enjoy the most, whether this is some head rubs or they like you stroking them behind the ears or a good old scratch under the chin. When they’re good, these simple things are going to build that all-important bond, It will also show them that you are giving them your full attention.

It is one of the most rewarding relationships you will ever have. And if you feel like you need to either improve the relationship with your dog or you want to get off on the right paw, some of these tips will ensure that you create an eternal bond with your beloved pooch. It will guarantee that everyone gets the most out of this special relationship. 

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