Boosting your homestead's energy efficiency.

As a homesteader, chances are that you want your homestead’s energy efficiency as efficient as possible so that you can save money.  Saving money is always a plus when homesteading, as money is so important.   There are many ways to be more efficient on your homestead. From energy efficientContinue Reading

home's space

This is something we often don’t do. The space within our home can be used for so many things, not just inside, but outside too. The more you utilize it, the easier home life is going to be for you. If you have children, it can often feel like there’sContinue Reading

The big questions to ask when buying a homestead

While this blog will always encourage you to take on the amazing lifestyle and hearty challenge of running your own homestead, the reality is that self-sufficiency is not for everyone. It’s something of a huge adventure, and like all incredible quests, you’ll need to be realistic and pragmatic before youContinue Reading

Improvements You Should Make to The Family Home

Your family home is more than four walls and a roof – it’s a place of memories and sentimental value. Whilst you may have lived in many places throughout your life, your children most likely see this place as a more permanent fixture in their lives (even if your familyContinue Reading

homesteading books

First-time homesteaders are usually scared about getting started. They have feelings of uncertainty and doubt. They look for great resources to help them make decisions and to start planning. Well-written homesteading books can take away those feelings of uncertainty and doubt. I wish when I started on my homesteading journey,Continue Reading

4 essential canine health checks

There’s been a lot of high profile press attention recently focused on Donald Trump’s annual medical exam. And most of us are pretty good at booking in for our own physical check-ups. We know the benefits. They keep life running smoothly and help to detect any early stage symptoms weContinue Reading