Rescue Your Garden

Winter absolutely destroys a garden. The wind, cold, rain, snow etc. it all just damages the hard work you hopefully put in over the summer. But then again, some people just aren’t bothered about having a nice garden. If you’re one of these people then you’re missing out. There’s soContinue Reading

Keeping a waste-free homestead

There are many reasons why people start on the journey of a homesteading life. There are some for whom the notion of self-sufficiency is a romantic antidote to the voracious consumerism that plagues the urban living. And there are yet more who are distrusting of intensive modern agriculture; genetically modifiedContinue Reading

ideal look

Perhaps you’ve wanted to renovate your humble home for a long time, but you’ve just had other things on your ‘To Do’ list. We can all relate to that. The thought of a full-scale renovation is a daunting prospect before you even begin to consider the cost. Of course, itContinue Reading

4 homestead hacks

After reading ‘Effective Means of Making Money with your Property,’ the potential of a home should be easy to see. For more info, follow this link to see the article in full. It’s essential to start seeing a property for what it is: a money-maker. But, it’s also imperative thatContinue Reading

The Guide to Being A Dog's Best Friend

We’re always told that a dog is a man’s best friend, but what about the dog? Are you your dog’s best friend?  It’s important that you focus not just on all the ways in which your dog makes your life better but the ways in which you can make yourContinue Reading

garden maintenance basics

There are garden maintenance basics that are important if you hope to enjoy a home that’s well taken care of. The exterior of your home speaks volumes about your property. It can, of course, differentiate the value if you hope to appeal to appraisers and viewers.   Getting your garden in orderContinue Reading

real home

The whole thing about dreams is, well, they tend to be out of reach. It’s why they are called dreams and not realities. It gives us something unattainable to strive toward, always frustratingly out of reach. Sure, every so often, you see a house on Instagram or Pinterest where someoneContinue Reading