compost pile

Many people are using a compost pile these days. The biggest question most people have when they start to compost is “What can I add to my compost pile?” This list shows many items that can be safely composted in your compost bin or pile. Not everything on these lists is for everybody, soContinue Reading

Frozen Berry Pumpkin Treats for Dogs

My biggest joy on my homestead are my two dogs and I love to keep them happy and cool in the hot summer months here in Florida. I already make my own dog treats, but I needed a treat for the summer months that they could enjoy.   I put myContinue Reading

Memorial day tribute to my Dad

I thought I would take a break from writing the traditional posts that I usually write here on my blog and do a tribute to my Dad.   I spend a lot of time with my Dad, not because I have to but because I choose too. I feel likeContinue Reading