start fresh

Whether you love the home you’re in at the minute or not, sometimes you just have to start fresh for whatever reason. Whether it be the fact that work requires you to move, you need more space, or you just don’t like the home you’re in. But, as annoying asContinue Reading

improving homesteading skills

Homesteaders are always improving and learning new skills. Improving homesteading skills is most important as you continue on your homesteading journey. There are so many new things you will both want and need to learn. Some of these skills will come naturally for some. Other skills take time to learn.Continue Reading

home inspector

Home inspections are a necessary preventative measure. They help you assess and identify issues with a home before you move in. Without this, moving in can be like spinning a wheel of fortune. How long until you find the dampness under the sink or the rotten floorboard in the kitchen? OrContinue Reading

period properties

We don’t have the exact statistics, but we’d say about 98.7% of adults have dreamed of buying an old farmhouse somewhere deep in the middle of nowhere. That’s because most people have either grown up in the countryside, got bitten by the rural bug and can’t imagine living anywhere moreContinue Reading