bring your garden back to life

While it might not be time to start buying food for a barbeque yet, the end of winter is in sight, and spring will soon be upon us. This means that it will soon be time to enjoy the nice weather in your garden once more. Unfortunately, if you’re likeContinue Reading

On average, American homeowners move every 5-7 years. There are, of course, that rare breed who’ve been in the same house for fifty years. And, sometimes, those of us doing the moving ask the same thing. Why? After all, moving is stressful. Even if you use a company like Atlanta HomeContinue Reading

guest room

It’s one thing when you are creating a bedroom to give it a style that’s pleasing to you and/or your partner. When you are creating an excellent guest room, in some ways you’ve got to leave the canvas as blank as possible. If you have lots of people come byContinue Reading

Everyone has their own ideas for how a home should look and feel. From my point of view, I feel like a living room should always be nice and cozy. There’s nothing better than walking into your living room after a long day, dumping yourself down in some comfy furniture,Continue Reading


A lot of people think that keeping a dog and a clean home is a virtual impossibility. They think that once a dog is allowed into the home, muddy paws, dog hair and bad smells will take over. They think the place will go to rack and ruin.   HavingContinue Reading

Outdoor Decor

Picture the scene. You’re sitting in your lounge, looking out through the window into your winter garden and wondering what you should do with it when the warm season is back. The winter has thankfully given you an excuse to let nature take back its right. But needless to say,Continue Reading