Building goat housing on your homestead is fairly easy, they don’t require much. They need a simple easy structure that allows them to come in and out of the weather and sun and provides them with a comfortable place to sleep. Some people prefer to build more complicated buildings with separate areasContinue Reading

Raising Goats on the Homestead

Goats are one of the most popular animals worldwide. They serve many purposes. Goats provide many things to many people such as milk, meat, companionship, and hair that can be spun into yarn. Raising goats is inexpensive because they require simpler housing than other forms of livestock. They do notContinue Reading

Feeding Chickens on the Homestead

Feeding chickens will be part of your daily routine on the homestead. What you feed them depends on the breed of chickens you have, their age, if they are meat or laying chickens and if they can forage for food naturally. It also depends on which commercial feed is available locally.Continue Reading

How to Build a Candler to Check for Egg Fertilization

In the posts, Hatching Chickens on the Homestead, and Artificial Incubation Methods for Chickens, we discussed that a candler was used to check for fertility in eggs. In this post, we will learn what a candler is and how to make one for use on your homestead. Check with your local agriculturalContinue Reading