Create your blissful bedroom

Your bedroom should be the room of the house where you go to relax and leave all your worries on the other side of the door. If you feel like you are overly stressed and life is getting on top of you, there are plenty of bedroom upgrades – bothContinue Reading

5 ways to utilize small space better

Living in a tiny house has its advantages. You will hardly ever feel overwhelmed and can save a significant amount of money on heating and electricity. If you are recently retired or just chose to downsize, you will find that making the most out of the available space is aContinue Reading

filling empty spaces

No matter how much work we put into our gardens there is always some empty space and gaps.  Plants die off, some plants stay small, and spaces exist everywhere. To see some practical, pretty and innovative ways of filling empty spaces in your garden, make sure to read on.   Filling EmptyContinue Reading