filling empty spaces

No matter how much work we put into our gardens there is always some empty space and gaps.  Plants die off, some plants stay small, and spaces exist everywhere. To see some practical, pretty and innovative ways of filling empty spaces in your garden, make sure to read on.   Filling EmptyContinue Reading

Pet-proofing your kitchen

If you’ve brought a furry little friend into the home like a dog or cat or even a pig, now is an ideal time to think about some of the choices you’ve made in the kitchen and how they can be amended to facilitate your new companion’s safety. Whether you’llContinue Reading

Rescue Your Garden

Winter absolutely destroys a garden. The wind, cold, rain, snow etc. it all just damages the hard work you hopefully put in over the summer. But then again, some people just aren’t bothered about having a nice garden. If you’re one of these people then you’re missing out. There’s soContinue Reading