mess-free home

There’s no denying that children can be very messy and untidy. But does that mean that you have to give up on ever having a completely clean home? Thankfully, there are ways you can enjoy a mess-free home even when you have kids running around. You might also be pleasedContinue Reading

countryside dogs

Rural living offers so much to dogs. Some might say that dogs living in the country are living the dream. There are so many benefits for them that come hand in hand with the extended space. When you live in the inner city, taking on the responsibility of a dogContinue Reading

making use of your land

If you have some land to your name, you already know it’s quite a big investment to keep it healthy during the changing seasons. Even just having a garden shows you just how much work goes into weeding and turning over the soil so the conditions are just right. ButContinue Reading

urban alternatives

When you’ve made your life in the countryside, it can be easy to rely on your home and the land around it to support you, as there will always be loads of it. Having this space available opens the doors for growing vegetables, composting, and loads of other traditional homesteadingContinue Reading

Life continually throws us various challenges, and most of them come when we least expect them. These challenges and problems could require us to change our lives. This could be either on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. So, what happens if it looks like your life is trying to tellContinue Reading

improve your home

When you’ve lived somewhere for a few years, it’s easy to end up feeling as though the place has lost its charm somewhat. A home that you might have truly loved when your first moved in can often end up feeling as though it doesn’t really have all that muchContinue Reading

renting out your old home

Homesteading is all about taking independence, it’s about taking back control. It means taking control of your health by growing and harvesting the food you eat. This way you can get to eat organic vegetables every day that are loaded with nutrients that the genetically modified crops lining supermarket shelvesContinue Reading

designing a garden

If you’re creating a garden for your homestead, it should be more than just pretty. A beautiful garden can give you pleasure, but you can do better than having something that’s only nice to look at. Your garden can be both beautiful and practical, serving as a useful space thatContinue Reading