5 ways to make a cozy home

Your home is supposed to be your safe haven. A place of security and comfort. Your home should be a place of solitude. You can accomplish these things and have it all by transforming your living space into a cozy home. There are many ways to turn your home intoContinue Reading

6 beneficial bugs for your homestead

Most people think negatively when they think about bugs in their yards and gardens, but there are actually some beneficial bugs you may actually want and maybe need in your garden. These beneficial bugs can actually defend your garden from the yucky, creepy, crawly bugs you really don’t want around. YouContinue Reading

Downsizing: 5 Ways To Do So

Downsizing can be a scary task, especially when the decision to do so is forced upon you due to circumstances beyond your control. But downsizing can be a good thing and can affect your life in a very positive way. Whether you are downsizing because of a move to aContinue Reading

Homesteading Alone the Pros and Cons

Most homesteaders have help in their homesteading journey. They have spouses, children, and maybe even other relatives and friends who help along the way. Homesteading alone is much different. It means taking on everything by yourself, with next to no help. It also means you need to figure it outContinue Reading