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Homes produce all kinds of strange sounds. Some of them are perfectly normal such as humming refrigerators and creaking floorboards. Others can be signs of something serious and potentially hazardous in your home. Below are some of the strange sounds that you shouldn’t ignore.  Dripping water Dripping water is oneContinue Reading

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Fitness is all about following a strict nutritional regime and performing intensive workouts. You are likely to gain muscle faster with a well-balanced diet rich in protein. Also, you might consider dietary supplements and herbs to curb the nutritional deficit now and then. Have you considered adding herbs to yourContinue Reading

Farm Fresh Blog Hop 80

Welcome back to The Farm Fresh Blog Hop 80 special Thanksgiving Hop! Come join us while we share our inspirations this week with you! Grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and enjoy all the posts about homesteading, homemaking, and self-reliance! From crafts to recipes you are sure to findContinue Reading

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If you watch news reports and particularly pay attention to the word of meteorologists, then you will always hear them bring up mention of – the big one. What is this? It’s essentially a hypothetical storm that will wreak havoc and destruction for businesses and homeowners alike. Depending on yourContinue Reading