comfortable space

You deserve a little comfort in your life. After all, your life is busy. You’re a homesteader; a wonderful choice in life, but one that tends to place large demands on your time. You’re always busy gardening, weeding, caring for animals, planning and plotting the way your homestead will growContinue Reading

first-time home buyers

There is nothing more amazing than finally hitting your financial savings targets and be ready to buy a house, is there? You’ve been saving for years. And you’ve gathered in as many extra shifts as you possibly could and finally, the time is right. You’ve got your deposit and yourContinue Reading

stretch your income

Don’t you wish you could stretch your income further? When you live on a homestead, it becomes even more important to get a grip on your finances. Thanks to the internet and other technology, it’s become even easier to both save and make money online.   Want to know howContinue Reading

property noise

Do you often hear things going bump in the night? Scared by that unusual squealing sound or that phantom whistle that always seems to get worse in the night? The good news is, I don’t think your house is haunted. However, there is some bad news too. That strange propertyContinue Reading

home skills

Week 2 of the Self-Reliance Challenge has come to an end. This week was all about home skills for us. Our goals included making our own DIY cleaners and replacing some of the cleaners we still had hiding under the sink, getting our fire starters restocked, making sure we stillContinue Reading


There’s no secret about the fact that a gorgeous garden can take your enjoyment of the home to the next level. However, finding the formula to get the most out of your backyard doesn’t always seem too easy. But it can be.   Follow these five simple tricks, and yourContinue Reading

run-down property

This article could be a huge guide on how to transform a run-down property into something spectacular, but that would give an incredibly long article. Instead, we’re going to get straight to the point and show you how to turn an old barn, run-down apartment room or cottage into somethingContinue Reading