rental property

There’s no point lying; it’s near enough impossible to invest in property without substantial money behind you. Any enterprise requires down payments, but it’s hard to imagine an industry which deals in such large amounts of money so early on. Hence why many people never consider rental property as aContinue Reading

looking back

Well, the self-reliant challenge has come to an end. Almost 5 weeks of setting goals and working towards being more self-reliant have been quite a learning experience. The final result is much different than I thought it would be. Looking back at the last 5 weeks I realized many newContinue Reading

buying a house

Buying a house is the biggest investment most people will ever make. It requires some serious money, with most of us spending a huge chunk of our adult lives paying off our mortgage. However getting on the property ladder is always worth it. When you rent, you’re essentially throwing awayContinue Reading


Is there any motivation more strong than wanting to give our family a good life? It’s a positive, powerful driving force behind much of what we do. The problem is, however, that while no-one can question the desire, putting it into practice and getting tangible results can be tricky. WhileContinue Reading

perfect bedroom

Your bedroom can often be really low on the priority list when it comes to redesigning your home. You probably focus more on the kitchen area, living spaces and even perhaps your children’s bedrooms. However, your bedroom is your place to relax and unwind and so it should be muchContinue Reading

dog parent

When you first think about getting a dog, it’s safe to say that you’re going to want to become the best provider and carer for them as possible. And in some ways, becoming a mom or a dad to a dog can be similar to becoming a parent to yourContinue Reading