Moving hacks to make the move easier.

Moving is tough. There’s a lot to think about and organize right from starting to look for a new home, to unpacking and letting everyone know about your change of address. It can take months, and sometimes even longer from the day that you decide to move to actually feelingContinue Reading

improve your outdoor seating area

If you would like to enjoy your home in the summer, you might be dreaming about the perfect outdoor nook where you can curl up with a book or share a drink with your friends. If you find it hard to escape in the shade and enjoy the great outdoorsContinue Reading


Almost every homesteader has a garden. Every garden should have compost and mulch. It is so important that you understand the difference between composting and mulching. It is even more important that you understand why you should mulch your garden.   Mulch is possibly one of the most underrated gardenContinue Reading