eco-friendly home

For most homeowners, the major consideration when remodeling a home is the aesthetic aspect and the chance to express one’s creativity and unique style. However, in the time of alarming global climate changes and raising awareness of the importance of environmental conservation, the implementation of energy-efficient designs has become equallyContinue Reading

turn your homestead into a side hustle

Homesteading is the ultimate lifestyle for those who want to lead a healthier, more sustainable and self-reliant lifestyle. In an age where our lifestyles can generate enormous carbon footprints and contribute to widespread deforestation, animal habitat loss, water wastage, and species extinction many homesteaders see it as the sensible antidoteContinue Reading

protecting farmland

Protecting farmland is, in many ways, like protecting a new home. You have a lot of assessing to do. You need to find out what potential hazards there are as well as ensuring you’re doing enough to keep everything you know and love safe from the unknown. And when itContinue Reading