energy-saving kitchen

Kitchens are most commonly the biggest energy wasters in any home. The reason is that they are filled with numerous appliances of varying energy-efficiency. Some of which work pretty much non-stop. The other reason is our behavior. While making sure that our kitchens are equipped with high-quality, energy-efficient appliances is definitelyContinue Reading

When the time comes that you feel ready to go all in and buy your perfect homestead, you need to think carefully about the decision. After all, several elements combine to make up a successful home farm. Without them, you could be making things a lot harder than they needContinue Reading

preserve properly

Preserving food has long been a way to ensure that you stay well-fed throughout the winter months. We might all simply go to the supermarket these days to stock up on foods grown around the world. But when you own a homestead, being able to eat your produce year-round isContinue Reading


You are extremely blessed to have such a beautiful home in which your family can grow up and feel truly safe. Over the years you have been thinking about ways you could transform every single room in your home to make it even more special. As much as you loveContinue Reading

backyard chickens

If you’re a new backyard chicken owner, winter can be a scary time. Not knowing whether or not they will be warm enough or whether or not they will keep laying eggs can be stressful if you’ve not had to manage it before. Luckily, the following top tips will help keepContinue Reading