almond flour

As more people are turning to healthier and gluten-free ways to eat, almond flour has become more popular as a replacement for white flour. Baking with almond flour, though, can be a confusing endeavor.   I have thrown out many a recipe when using almond flour because I really didn’tContinue Reading

Choosing rabbits for the homestead

More and more homesteads across the United States are choosing rabbits for their homesteads. Some are choosing rabbits as pets, some for the collecting of manure for gardening, some for meat and some for fiber.   Rabbits are very simple and inexpensive to keep. They don’t take up much space,Continue Reading

Frozen Berry Pumpkin Treats for Dogs

My biggest joy on my homestead are my two dogs and I love to keep them happy and cool in the hot summer months here in Florida. I already make my own dog treats, but I needed a treat for the summer months that they could enjoy.   I put myContinue Reading

Memorial day tribute to my Dad

I thought I would take a break from writing the traditional posts that I usually write here on my blog and do a tribute to my Dad.   I spend a lot of time with my Dad, not because I have to but because I choose too. I feel likeContinue Reading

Commercially Grown Foods: Is it killing us?

Did you know that most diseases we suffer from stem from the commercially grown food we purchase to feed our families? That’s a scary thought huh? It’s true! Most of the food we buy in our local grocery stores, like meat, poultry, and fruits and vegetables are not as healthy asContinue Reading

rabbits and why you should raise them

Most people enjoy watching furry little rabbits hopping around in the wild. We read storybooks and fairy tales to our children written about them. Disney has even made movies that have cute bunnies as characters. Remember Peter Cottontail and all his adventures when you were a child? Just as we enjoyedContinue Reading

youtube homesteading channels

There is a wealth of information about homesteading on the internet these days. Unfortunately, most of the information is repetitive and simple. I have compiled a list of my top 5 YouTube homesteading channels that I feel excel over the others.   I chose these channels because I feel theyContinue Reading