Have you considered installing a bathtub access panel in your bathroom to get access to plumbing easier? Your building has many vital components necessary for its comfort, function, and occupants. It is not an easy feat to maintain these components because some are in hard-to-reach areas, which would require aContinue Reading

Roof Hatch on commercial building

Have you considered having a roof hatch installed? Adding several features to your building can significantly make it more efficient. The building’s location, ample parking space, and accessibility are all advantages you need to have. Aside from your building occupants, proper accessibility is also essential during maintenance services.  Maintenance personnel,Continue Reading

Fire rated doors

Have you considered fire rated access panels for your building? Fire is a double-edged sword because it’s beneficial and destructive. The heat it radiates has many uses essential for people’s survival in cold places and other applications. From the simple task of cooking food to its usefulness in producing variousContinue Reading