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Growing vegetables can be one of the most rewarding tasks any gardener takes on. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most difficult tasks. But knowing the following three tips will produce a successful ninety-nine percent of the time. To make sure your vegetable patch has the best chanceContinue Reading

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A garden should be the pinnacle of luxury. It is a part of your home that can be luscious, green, and full of luxury features. But when you have a garden space that is underwhelming, to say the least, what can you do to add luxury to your garden andContinue Reading

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Welcome to this week’s very special Thanksgiving Simple Homestead Blog Hop 286! I am sure you will be inspired by all the great posts and ideas that have been shared this week. Add your homesteading, homemaking, and homeschooling posts to the party if you’re a blogger (please see our simpleContinue Reading

Thanksgiving Quiz

It’s almost Thanksgiving! In order to have some fun this year on the blog, I decided to share a Thanksgiving Quiz! The fall season is all about Turkey dinner, family, and giving thanks. It is about gratitude and appreciation for all the things we have and love. It’s a timeContinue Reading

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Homes produce all kinds of strange sounds. Some of them are perfectly normal such as humming refrigerators and creaking floorboards. Others can be signs of something serious and potentially hazardous in your home. Below are some of the strange sounds that you shouldn’t ignore.  Dripping water Dripping water is oneContinue Reading