Freedom from Blocked Drains in A Natural Way

Blocked drains? No more worrying now. Let us get to the depth of the filthy situation and uproot the cloggy cause that lets it happen. Your beautiful home has two drainage systems where the blockage occurs. One is the kitchen drainage system and the other one is the bathroom drainage system. Common food items like oil, fats, grease, food particles, and peels of fruits and vegetables are the causes of blockage in the kitchen outlet. On the other hand, bathroom outlets get choked by unstrained hairs and gunky soap scum.

Cleaning blocked drains all by yourself can be messy. But you can clean blocked drains without depending upon a plumber. This is possible if you take good care in choosing the most appropriate and effective tools and some easy natural preparations to fight the slimy situation. Handy tools like a common toilet plunger and a lengthy wire with a bent end can help you improve the procedures for cleaning blocked drains. Thorough rinsing of the bent drainage pipes with warm water and the common toilet plunger will help you clean blocked drains by getting rid of stubborn debris or gunky remains. Perforate the accumulated sewage layer with the long-bent wire to clean off the messy ducts.

blocked drains

Freedom from Blocked Drains in A Natural Way

Go the Natural Way

The natural methods you can adapt effortlessly to clean blocked drains are:

  • A blend of Baking Soda and Vinegar: Almost all households have vinegar and baking soda in their kitchen collection. You can prepare a proportionate mixture by adding both the items to create a foam which when let to run down a bunged drain clears all the clogs.
  • Using Hot Water and Salt: Coarse salt has natural abrasive properties that aid in cleaning. Adding salt to blocked outlets lets the debris fall off from the inside of a pipe. This process requires a thorough rinse with hot water to complete the cycle of cleaning blocked drains.
  • Use Liquid Dishwashing Detergent Along with Hot Water: For effective results, you have to bring the water to a boil and then add liquid detergent. Sluice the gunky drainage outlets with this simple blend to get a sparkling drainage system.
  • A portion of Enzyme Cleaner: You can also opt for enzyme cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals. Enzyme cleaner is basically good bacteria that act upon food remains and other debris to keep the duct’s hygiene.

Say No to Blocked Drains Forever

To maintain odorless and germfree ducts in your heavenly home, all you need to do is to follow this checklist of simple tips advised by global experts:

  • Do not directly throw any food remains and fruits and vegetable peels into the kitchen sink. Instead, use separate bins to store the throwaways.
  • Strain any type of oil, fat, grease used in the kitchen before disposing of. A blockage can be avoided with this tip. This is because the fat will not get the chance to solidify and stick to the inner surface of the ducts.
  • Experts also advise avoiding the usage of hot water directly to melt the stubborn oil or grease.
  • Usage of hair filters in the bath area will help you get rid of hair blocking the outlets. Filters also serve the purpose of sifting dirt and soap scum which ensures clean drainage.
  • Experts also recommend sporadically cleaning and flushing of all drainage outlets to avoid the messy circumstances of drain blockage.

You can now be stress-free as you have got all the ‘do it yourself’ tricks up your sleeves to clean blocked drains. Tiresome appointments with plumbers just to get rid of the clogged drainage system are over. Like an expert cleaner, you can share these eco-friendly tips with your friends and family too.

To use vinegar on your drains, you can use your own DIY vinegar you make at home. Check out the post, Homemade Vinegar from Oak Hill Homestead to learn how.

Cleaning blocked drains all by yourself can be messy. But you can clean blocked drains without depending upon a plumber.

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