Blocked Drain Repairs-How To Clear A Blocked Drain

How you get rid of the blocked drain will be contingent on the cause of the obstruction in the first place. There are many blocked drain repairs solutions at home that you can choose from.

You might find that you must try the various options before calling plumbing expert  like The Relining Company.

Man unblocking a drain

Boiling water

Boiling water can be useful in blocking drains due to conditioner, grease as well as other varieties of products for toiletries. The reason for this is that these products have a lower melting temperature, while extreme temperature helps break them down. Bring a kettle to a boil and pour it into the drain, allowing it to move the obstruction.

Natural cleaners

You can make use of natural cleaners to produce a bubbling effect that splits drain obstructions into pieces. Pour hot water into the drain, and then you can follow it up with a cup of bicarbonate of sodium as well as a Cup of white vinegar.

Allow it to sit for 10 minutes and then follow it up with hot water. A mixture of boiling water with the cleaning mix can help break up blockages.

Baking soda

Caustic cleaners

Certain stores offer caustic cleaners which take more powerful action against blockages to drains. It dislodges fat, grease and oils, making it the ideal solution for blockages that are more difficult to clear.

Always follow the directions on the package and air-condition the area prior to starting.


A simple but effective device, plungers help to remove local obstructions. They function by creating an envelop around the hole, which is followed by an effect of vacuum that eliminates the obstruction.

Plunging a drain


In the event of serious drain blockages, excavation may be required. This is the process of digging around the drain in order we can fix or replace a portion of the pipework. Although this approach may not be necessary however it can help protect the remainder of your pipes from a lot of damage.

DIY drain snake

You can create an DIY drain snake from any metal wire of any thickness like an old coat hanger. You can leave a hook at one end, and place it inside the hole in the plug. Use it to pull out blockages that are localized and comprised of hair. This method is the most efficient in showers.

Hair in Drain


If snakes aren’t doing the trick, it’s possible to make use of CCTV to find out the source of the blockage as well as the extent of it. This typically involves putting a camera in with a tool like the drain snake. We will then determine the extent of the blockage and develop an action plan to remove it.

Plumbers drain snake

Drain snakes for plumbing are the most advanced devices that only professionals should utilize. They go deeper into your pipes and eliminate blockages deep in the system. These tools are typically reserved for obstructions that standard methods aren’t able to tackle.

Professional drain snake

Hydro jet

Hydro jets employ powerful and sharp blasts of water to eliminate particles and other materials from pipes. Sometimes, we have to apply this method using different techniques to remove blockages in drains however it’s a reliable method of removing the majority of the issue.

Relining pipes

If your pipes have been damaged as a result of a lengthy blockage, pipe relining can be an effective and efficient alternative to replacing the entire pipe. We make use of the most flexible tools and resins to reline the pipe once we have removed the obstruction.

The reason for blocked drains is a myriad of reasons. While certain reasons are obvious, there are others might not be thought of. If you are noticing obvious indicators such as gurgling sounds and slow draining as well as unpleasant smells, you can try some of the solutions we’ve provided. If they do not work, you should get in touch with a plumber.

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