Tips For Better Family Meal Times

Home-cooked meals provide so many benefits, from saving money to ensuring you eat a balanced diet. When you have children to cook for, it can feel tiring to cook every night. However, it is best for health and wealth. 

Should you need more inspiration to enhance your family meal times, here are some ideas. 

Family having pizza

Choose wholesome homely recipes

Sometimes you and your children won’t want quirky or diverse food for dinner. Instead, something simple and wholesome will do the trick (and might be much easier to prepare and cook). Your meals do not need to be extravagant to be delicious and nourishing. The simpler meals can often provide more satisfaction for a group of people. 

Therefore, stick with wholesome and homely recipes when you are stuck on what to cook. Instead of tiring yourself out finding new recipes, sourcing diverse ingredients, and cooking something new, stick with something you know. Or, find an easy and simplistic recipe online. For instance, a cube steak recipe from will help you make the perfect comfort food for those days when you want something homely and nourishing. 

wholesome dinner

Set meal times for the whole family

For a better family meal time, it will help if you set a dedicated time for everyone to eat. Ensuring everyone knows when dinner will be ready will set expectations and ensure everyone makes free time to sit together and eat.

This could be the same time each night so that everyone knows what to expect. Or, fit it around your schedules if people are busy. Ensuring you manage to sit together for dinner each night is a great way to have conversations and enjoy quality time. 

Family at dinner table

Eliminate distractions

To ensure everyone is committed to the conversation, it can be a smart move to eliminate all distractions. Having the TV on or allowing phones at the table will soon see some family members diverting their attention elsewhere. Whereas if you have a no-technology policy, it will ensure everyone maintains focus and spends proper quality time together. 

This might not always be possible if people have things to do. However, ensuring this policy takes place as much as possible will ensure you spend plenty of quality time together. 

Family at dinner table

Ask people to help

You might often take full control over the cooking and cleaning due to feeling responsible. However, other members of the family might want to help. Therefore, ensure to ask what roles people want to pursue. That way, people have contributed to meal times. It will make your life easier and ensure everyone can do what they want for meal prep, cooking, and tidying up.

If nobody offers to help and you often feel overwhelmed, ensure to ask for help, so you are not drained from the responsibility. Even if someone can help with the tidying up, it means you have less to do and can ensure to have plenty of relaxation time after spending a while cooking for everyone. 

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