The Best House Moving Hacks for 2018

Moving is tough. There’s a lot to think about and organize right from starting to look for a new home, to unpacking and letting everyone know about your change of address. It can take months, and sometimes even longer from the day that you decide to move to actually feeling settled and at home in your new place. However, there are some fantastic moving hacks along the process to make it easier. Here’s a look at some of the best.

Moving hacks to make the move easier.


The Best House Moving Hacks for 2018



Shop Online


Looking for a new house online isn’t really a hack, more just good sense. Using a website like Hardware Apartments gives you a way to search for specific properties, using filters to narrow your search. Search by location, space, bedrooms and even details like parking spaces and energy efficiency. This can save you vast amounts of time making sure you don’t waste it looking at properties that you’re not really interested in.

Moving hacks to make moving easier.

Make a Floor Plan


If you are buying your home, you can find that it’s a long process. The time between viewing your home and finally getting to move in can stretch on. This can make it hard to plan. You’ll struggle to remember what you’ve seen and the space available. You won’t be able to plan where your furniture is going or what you need.


So, at your viewings, take photos and measurements. Then, when you get home, create a large-scale floor plan. In can just be a big piece of paper, in the right shape. Then, make models of your furniture and any that you want to scale and play around with positioning them in your new home. This will help you to move everything into the right rooms and give you a head start on unpacking.

Moving hacks to make the move easier.

Don’t Pack


Some things, you have to pack carefully into boxes to keep them safe. Others, as long as you are using a large van to move, you don’t. Wrap your drawers in plastic wrap or tape drawers and doors closed so that things can’t fall out. Just load furniture into your van as they are and unwrap them when they arrive. This is one of the most useful moving hacks.


Take Care with Wires


One of the hardest parts of moving is untangling and hooking up all of your wires to the right place after your move. Take photos of the back of your tv, and use empty toilet roll tubes to keep cables neat and organized.


Keep Screws Safe


Losing screws is another big problem. When you take a piece of furniture apart, put all of the screws in a small plastic bag and tape them to one of the larger pieces.


Leave Clothes on Hangers


Another of the great moving hacks has to do with your clothing. Taking clothes off hangers only to hang them again on the other side is just a waste of time. Leave them on the hangers and throw them all into a large black bag for the move.

moving hacks to make the move easier

Find Free Boxes


Boxes and packing materials can be costly. But, thousands of them are thrown away every day. Contact your local supermarket and ask if you can have some from their delivery. They’re usually happy to save you some. Obtaining free boxes is one of the moving hacks that can also save you money.

Moving hacks that make the move easier.


Have you used any of these moving hacks when you moved? Do you have other hacks you can share? Please let us know in the comments below.

Also, for even more tips see 19 Tips To Make Your Move Stress Free from


Using these moving hacks will make the move so much easier and quicker for you and your family.



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