Benefits Of Having a Roof Hatch Installed

If you plan on installing a hatch on your luxury condominium in Orchard Road, you need to keep in mind several tips to ensure you purchase the perfect hatch.

Adding several features to your building can significantly make it more efficient. The building’s location, ample parking space, and accessibility are all advantages you need to have. Aside from your building occupants, proper accessibility is also essential during maintenance services. 

Maintenance personnel, technicians, and other professionals must access various areas in your building to keep it functional and in good shape. The roof is one area of the building where they will need access, which you can provide by adding roof hatches. 

Here are the benefits of installing a roof hatch, plus additional information that you need to know.  

Roof hatch

Benefit #1: Allow Easy Access to the Roof Area  

Professional roofers will require access to the roof to resolve urgent roofing issues or during maintenance. They usually reach the roof with a ladder, but this situation is impractical if the roof is taller than three stories. When applicable, use a ship stair access roof hatch to gain entry to the top as quickly as possible. By doing so, they can reach the area safely with their equipment to deal with the concern.  

When maintenance staff or roofing contractors require access, the best choice is to use a roof hatch because it is the safest way to reduce fall risks. It also functions as an opening for other services like wire connections to pass through in cases where equipment needs an electrical supply to function.  

Benefit #2: Keep Unauthorized People Out of Your Building  

One of the essential advantages of having a roof hatch is providing adequate security against unauthorized entry. It won’t matter whether your windows and doors have various security measures if you don’t safeguard your roof. An unauthorized person can easily open a simple lock, unlike a roof access hatch with secured locks. 

There’s no way an invader can get into your building if you have a roof opening built with safety measures in place. Your security officers should have no trouble keeping your building protected. If your facility still doesn’t have a roof hatch, you’re missing out on the benefits of having adequate building security.  

Benefit #3: Durable and Long-Lasting  

Roof hatches are superior since they come from solid material and feature a lock that no one can easily break. Heavy-duty and deadbolt locks are very reliable since they require a key to open. Due to the overall complex design of modern deadbolt locks, you can say goodbye to intruders attempting to break in inside your building.  

Stairs to a roof hatch

What are Roof Hatches?  

Roof hatches generally provide access to the rooftop. When you close the hatch, the door and frame come with insulation to prevent heat loss. The insulating value varies substantially depending on the manufacturer and kind. You can select one with standard insulation or a high insulation rating, depending on the circumstances.  

You can determine the insulation value of the roof access hatch by the sort of insulation utilized, its thickness, and the thermal break. The following basic rule remains true to insulation for as long as thermal separation is there: the thicker the insulating material, the higher the rating.  

When Do You Require a Roof Hatch?  

A roof access hatch can be helpful in various instances, which one can divide into two categories, which are residential and non-residential buildings, i.e., hospitals, government buildings, and so on.  

Hospital roof

Commercial Roof Hatches  

You can see these installations frequently to maintain the rooftop that requires access, such as the HVAC and plumbing system. Roofers mainly used caged ladders to access rooftops, requiring people to make a long straight ascent from the ground level to the roof.   

The main benefit is that it only requires one floor to cross. You can climb to the roof from within the building by using it, and you may reach the top of the structure via the existing staircase. The distance from the top level to the roof access hatch is usually about 2.5 to 3 meters, and you can quickly and safely bridge this distance by integrating a ladder or stairs.  

Residential Roof Hatches  

Residential roof hatches offer a completely different aim: allowing you to unwind on your roof deck. They make it easier to get to roof terraces, usually in apartment units. The building’s glazed roof access hatches frequently to provide access to roof terraces and let sunlight into the space beneath, making it appear more beautiful and expansive.  

A glazed roof hatch, which you can readily integrate with a fixed stairway, gives extensive access. The benefits of these are as follows:  

  • Allows natural light to enter the building space.  
  • Accessibility to the spacious roof terrace.  
  • Unique design ensures to hide profiles and motors from view completely.  
  • Straightforward to open due to the electrical controls.  
  • Comfortable due to the high-quality materials and triple glazing.  

The Takeaway  

Installing a suitable roof access hatch for your unique building configurations can be challenging. It can be overwhelming because you need to select from various products with diverse specifications and functions. Find a reputable and experienced roofer to help you find the best options suitable for your building. 

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