3 Bedroom Decor Tips To Promote Better Sleep

There are many reasons why sleep might be eluding you lately. Stress is a significant factor in how well you sleep, and so is having a good bedtime (and morning) routine.

Yet what you might not have considered is the fact that your bedroom décor might be the cause for your restless nights. However, it really can affect how well you sleep, and even if you sleep at all.

Read on to find out what you can do to change things up and ensure that you sleep much better in the future (and have a gorgeous bedroom too). You can also visit BetterTools for an informative guide on getting better sleep.

Bedroom Decor Ideas for Better Sleep


Upgrade Your Mattress 

Although not strictly part of the bedroom décor itself since you can not see it, the mattress on your bed is still massively important when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

If you still have the mattress you bought decades ago, this could be the entire reason for your poor sleep. Even if the mattress is relatively new if it was cheap and of poor quality, it will still not give you the restful sleep you need to function well in your waking hours. 

Now might well be the perfect time to start looking at something like these Winstons Beds Handmade Luxury Mattresses and start seriously thinking about replacing your old mattress.

Because there are many mattresses available and each one can help in different ways, you will need to spend a reasonable amount of time researching the right mattress for you, and you can start by reading this mattress review.

Your new mattress needs to be comfortable, good quality, and brand-new; used mattresses are a terrible idea for cleanliness reasons. 

No Tech 

These days, it is likely you will find some kind of technology in everyone’s bedroom decor. It might be a TV, a laptop, or even a smartphone or tablet, but whatever it is, it should not be there.

Firstly, it is a huge distraction, and when you go to bed, you really should be going to sleep – if there are screens in your room, the temptation to start scrolling through social media or watching videos is always going to be there. 

Secondly, the blue light that these devices emit can cause havoc with your circadian rhythm. Since this is the internal body clock that tells you when it is time to sleep and when it is time to wake, any disruption to that can be disastrous. Try to stop using any screens at least an hour before bed and ban them from the bedroom no matter what. 

bedroom with tech

Install A Ceiling Fan 

If your room is too hot, you are always going to find it hard to fall asleep. However, even if you do not think the room is too hot, it might still be just that little too warm to let you doze off. It is all to do with air movement.

When air is moving around the room, it will be more comfortable and easier to sleep in. When you keep the room cool, your body is more easily able to regulate its own temperature, which puts you in the right state to sleep. 

If you do not want an air conditioning unit or a noisy fan standing on your floor or taking up space on your bedside table, a ceiling fan can be the ideal solution. Ceiling fans come in a wide range of different styles, so you will be able to find something that matches your bedroom décor, plus they circulate the air beautifully. 

Did you know that you could be having a rough time sleeping due to your bedroom decor? Find out how to change that here.

Final Thoughts on Bedroom Decor Ideas for Sleep

Your bedroom decor can affect the level of sleep you get and whether or not you get to sleep at all. By trying some of the previously mentioned tips, you will be well on your way to a better night’s sleep each and every night.

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